Brand Story

      • Creating the new logo

        Throughout 2016, Capilano University embarked upon a unique engagement project - to define our new brand through the insights of our campus community: students, faculty and employees. Thoughtful input from First Nations student representatives, advisors and Elders helped guide the process to ensure that the final logo honours the Capilano name and ensures the new symbolism is both inclusive and meaningful for all.

        The new logo features:

        1. A bold and striking colour palette reminiscent of the University’s ocean, forest, mountain setting, our place between sea and sky, and the influences of nature universally appreciated by our students and employees. The colours are inspired by the traditional Coast Salish palette and create a powerful and assertive visual declaration of the University. In Coast Salish art deep navy blue represents the darkness that precedes knowledge, while the red reflects the colour of illumination. Multiple shades of blue recognize past symbols from the University’s history. Together, these colours give strength to the symbol as a signal of pride of identity, both individual and collective, that honours the rich diversity of our campus community.

        2. The shape of the mark is emblematic of an eagle’s wing, in three feathers. The elements are representative of traditional Coast Salish art fused with a modern and abstract treatment to create a wholly unique symbol in the post-secondary landscape.

        3. The white lines represent two pathways of peaceful co-existence, acknowledging all members of our campus community. The arc and angle suggest that someday, the two will meet, and creates a promise of reconciliation and acknowledgement of the social context of our times. The arcs disrupt the traditional crest shape, while the overall form remains whole and united. This progressive disruption is further accented by the rounding of the upper left corner of the mark—the wingtip of an eagle.

        4. The eagle holds special significance to all people of the west coast. In Coast Salish culture the eagle is a symbol of wisdom, friendship and leadership and is seen as a messenger between humans and their ancestors. While collectively signifying an eagle’s wing in abstract, there are subtle and intriguing variations to each feather. The top feather emphasizes eagle and its wing of protection for the University; the middle feather suggests raven (creator and teacher) and the lower feather salmon (sustenance and prosperity). Raven is often described as the “bringer of light”—further strengthening the mark as an enduring symbol of illumination.

        5. When combined with the modern, sans serif typeface the entire mark creates a deeply resonant symbol that asserts Capilano University’s unique place in the post-secondary landscape and its service to supporting the goals and aspirations of all students who pass through its doors.