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        Peer helping involves students helping other students who are less experienced and is based on the assumption that students often turn to other students for advice, support and practical assistance when they experience concerns, worries, or frustrations. Examples of peer helping include:  peer tutors, peer mentors, and peer ambassadors or career ambassadors etc.

        The Peers Helping Peers (PHP) program supports peer helping and activities across campus. Peer helpers receive training that equips them to recognize when other students experience difficulties and to help them with personal and academic struggles that may affect their success at university. Peer helpers engage with and help other students in meaningful ways.  Students can look to peer helpers for assistance and referrals to the professional resources that can help them with their concerns.  Peer helpers create peer learning opportunities that build skills or assist new students with their transition to a university environment.  Examples of peer helping activities include mentoring, organizing events, providing information, or academic support.

        Peer helpers are trained to provide the following:

        • Make referrals to professionals when appropriate
        • Provide friendship and support
        • Listen with empathy
        • Help with decision-making
        • Problem solving assistance

        Applying to be a Peer Helper

        Each Peer Helper Program is listed below and list openings as they become available within each program. Apply directly to your program of choice when program applications are posted. You must be a current student at Capilano University to become a Peer Helper.

        Benefits to Peer Helping:

        There are many benefits of becoming a peer helper:

        • Reference letters provided to peer helpers by staff or faculty overseeing the program
        • Access to professional development opportunities are increased
        • Increased opportunities for connecting with other students on campus
        • Enhanced leadership skills through training and the peer helping experience

        More Information

        Looking for more information about how to get involved in peer helping, how to access peer helping program supports or if you want to start a program yourself then please contact Remy Marlatt, Student Success Facilitator for Student Engagement:  remymarlatt@capilanou.ca

        Peer Helper Appreciation Event

        Student Affairs hosted the first Peer Helper Program appreciation event in Fall 2017.  Many different peer helpers from peer helper programs across campus came together over food and activities and even participated in some impromptu dancing. This once a semester event will be open to all peer helpers.  If you are a peer helper and want to help with the planning future events please email remymarlatt@capilanou.ca .

        To see photos from the Fall 2017 event click here.

        Peers Helping Peers Programs at Capilano University 


        Starting for Success Peer Helper

        Starting for Success is a yearlong transition program for first year students to CapU. All new students will be assigned groups based on their program and will be assigned a “Starting for Success” Peer Helper to lead and support them during their first year. As a Peer Helper, you will help Student Affairs staff and program faculty introduce incoming students to the opportunities, programs and services available at Capilano University Peer Helpers will meet with their assigned students twice a month to encourage participation and foster a sense of belonging contributing to their development and engagement with CapU.

        Accessing Support: First year students will automatically be part of the program and will be matched with a Peer Helper during orientation. 
        Contact: Remy Marlatt, remymarlatt@capilanou.ca
        Applying: Applications for the 2018-2019 Academic Year are open now and close May 24, 2018. Applications and more about the role can be found here

        Residence Advisor

        Residence Advisors (RAs) live in the CapU Residence community and are responsible for fostering a safe and engaging living and learning environment for students in residence. Under the supervision of the Residence Life Facilitator, Residence Advisors work as a team to support the needs of residence students through programming, community building, peer helping, and emergency response. Residence Advisors are a key part of the residence community and are responsible for creating a safe and engaging living and learning environment for all students who live in residence. Residence Advisors work as a team to support the needs of residence students through programming, community building, peer helping and emergency response.

        Accessing Support: The Residence Advisor team supports students living in residence. Each community in residence has a designated Residence Advisor and access to the Residence Advisors on-call every night during the academic year from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am.
        Contact: Bailey Kew, Residence Life Facilitator, baileykew@capilanou.ca
        Applying: Applications for the 2018-2019 Academic Year are open in January each year. There will also be summer opportunities open in January.  

        Portfolio Project Peer Mentors

        The Portfolio Project Peer Mentors assist students and faculty with the development of course- and program-based digital portfolios.  Peer mentors provide drop-in support and lead in-class workshops. Our peer mentors are also project ambassadors. Every active peer mentors has a well-developed portfolio accessible on the university’s portfolio site.  All applicants must be experienced WordPress users with active portfolio sites. Successful candidates must be available for a two-day training session which will take place the week before the Fall term begins.

        Accessing Support: Students and faculty access the peer mentors in person during drop-in hours in the Writing Centre and in workshops organized by instructors and programs across campus. 
        Contact: Aurelea Mahood (amahood@capilanou.ca)
        Website: https://eportfolios.capilanou.ca
        Applying: Hiring closes May 18, 2018. More details can be found here. 

        CapU Works  

        CapUWorks (CUW) is a student led program that delivers engaging campaigns and events to promote sustainability action and awareness on campus. CUW student employees act as catalysts for change, promoting and embedding a culture of conservation and consciousness to the Capilano community (on and off campus).  

        Accessing Support: Email sustainability@capilanpou.ca and emails will be directed to peers.  The best way is to get involved is to volunteer and attend events! 
        Contact:  sustainability@capilanou.ca or Bill Demopoulos williamdemopoulos@capilanou.ca
        Website:  http://www.capilanou.ca/sustainability/
        Applying: Typically March/April for summer and fall positions, November for January positions, when applicable and depending on funding. 

        Indigenous Mentorship Program

        The Indigenous Mentorship Program is a peer mentorship program available to First Nations, Metis and Inuit students at Capilano University. Senior students are matched with new students to provide opportunities that aid in the transition of students so that they adapt well to post-secondary life, succeed academically and persist until graduation.  

        Accessing Support: Contact the Mentorship Coordination, Joel Cardinal
        Contact: Joel Cardinal, joelcardinal@capilanou.ca
        Applying: May 1, 2018 

        CapU Career Ambassador Team (CapCAT)

        The Capilano University Career Ambassador Team (CapCAT) consists of a group of volunteers who will be representatives of the Career Development Centre (CDC). CapCAT will advocate and promote the CDC and student professional development. CapCAT’s primary role is to help with career development and employer relations initiatives through outreach to students, alumni, employers, and campus organizations. CapCAT will go through extensive training with and report directly to the CDC staff members.

        Accessing Support: Students can contact cdc@capilanou.ca, 604.984.4965 or drop by the CDC office at BR270 for more information.
        Contact: Danielle Dzioba cdc@capilanou.ca
        Website: http://www.capilanou.ca/career-development-centre/student-alumni/CapCAT-Career-Ambassador-Team/
        Applying: Ongoing

        Writing Centre Peer Tutors

        A limited number of positions exist for strong English students with a minimum of 6 units of English  work as peer tutors in the Writing Centre.   After training and shadowing an instructor for a while, peer tutors will be able to work more independently helping students with writing various assignments. 

        Accessing Support: Tutors work during certain blocks in the open hours of the Writing Centre. 
        Contact:  Writing Centre Convener 
        Applying: Peer Tutors are nominated by English instructors, but individuals may contact the Convener directly if they wish.

        International Leadership and Mentorship Program

        We are creating a dynamic, supportive, and inclusive community where students can connect, learn, grow and lead. This program is an opportunity for students to develop intercultural skills and experience cultural diversity first-hand. 
        with each other, faculty and staff on campus and expand your social, professional and international network.
        Learn first-hand about mentorship, new cultures, event planning, public speaking, social media, event promotion, team coordination and teamwork.
        as an individual, community member, learner and future professional.
        a team of fellow mentors or lead an event or activity towards supporting the transition of new international students to Capilano U.

        Contact: Saveena Saran, International Student Engagement Facilitator & Itzel Chavez, International Student Engagement Officer
        Accessing Support: If you’re new international student, request to get matched with a current Capilano U student (Mentor) for peer-to-peer support.  Request a Mentor
        Website: capilanou.ca/international-mentor/
        Applying: Now until June 9, 2018 Become a Mentor

        Peer Support Coaches

        Peer Support Coaches are returning student-athletes who serve as mentors for their first-year teammates. They share past experiences and pass along advice on how to succeed academically while balancing the demands of being a student-athlete.

        Accessing Support: All student-athletes are informed as to which of  their teammates are Peer Support Coaches, and that they are available to meet and answer questions. This is supported by the coaches and the Department staff.  For students who want to join a Capilano Blues varsity team, they should contact the head coach of the team they’re interested in playing for http://athletics.capilanou.ca/information/directory/index
        Contact: CJ Pentland, CapU Athletics & Recreation Officer – cjpentland@capilanou.ca & Alison Parry, CapU Learning Specialist – aparry@capilanou.ca
        Applying: August of each year