Student Testimonials

    • Considering a visit to Career Services?

      Here are what some of the Cap U students and alumni who have used this service have to say:

      Engineering Program Student, May 2016
      I am very grateful to know there is such a supportive and kind advisor at Capilano University, I have no doubt other Capilano student will find their burden lifted over job searches and applications if they look for career advisor’s help. I think this is what makes Capilano University stands out and be special over the rest of the universities in Lower Mainland. Please accept my sincere appreciation for the excellent job she had done.

      Accounting Assistant Certificate, March 2016
      Thank you very much for your time to review my resume and cover letter again. With every step you helped me, I feel more confident to be ready for any accounting job. Thanks for your help again.

      Bachelor of Communication Studies, May 2016
      Thank you so much for spending some time to help me work on my resume and cover letter. The information you provided was very helpful, and for that I'm grateful.

      Tourism Management Co-op Diploma Student, April 2015
      Thank you for all your help with my job search. Your input vastly improved my resume and I think it had a big part in getting me the interviews I needed (four companies interviewed me, and two offered me positions).