Associate of Arts - English

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    English Courses Offered, Fall 2017 – Spring 2018

    The Associate of Arts – English credential provides a comprehensive foundation of courses in the Arts and Sciences program with a literature specialization. Other universities may grant full transfer credit (60 credits) and may grant priority admission for associate degree holders. This credential requires a total of 60 university credits with 18 credits in 1st and 2nd year English. Please consult the Program Requirements page for details.

    The following English courses are offered in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, from which students may select courses for the 18-credit specialization in English. Required courses are clearly identified. Please note that 3rd-year courses are not part of the AA – English credential. Please also note that English 203, Canadian Literature and English 205, American Literature are offered in alternating Fall terms. English 213, Children’s Literature and English 218, Reel Lit: Literature into Film are offered in alternating Summer terms.

    These courses are open to all students. Students unable to meet course prerequisites for 2nd and 3rd year courses should contact English for assistance.

    First Year

    Offered all three terms 2017-18
    English 100, University Writing Strategies (Required for AA – English)
    English 103, Studies in Contemporary Literature
    English 109, Contemporary Issues in Literature and Culture

    Second Year

    Fall term 2017
    English 200, English Literature from Beowulf to Paradise Lost (Required for AA – English)
    English 203, Canadian Literature (Required for AA – English, OR, English 205 American Lit in Fall 2018-19)
    English 207, Literary Theory and Criticism
    English 292, Creative Writing: Children's Literature

    Spring term 2018
    English 201, English Literature since 1660 (Required for AA – English)
    English 208, Studies in Fiction
    English 213, World Literature
    English 293, Creative Writing, Creative Nonfiction
    English 296, Creative Writing, Writing for the Stage

    Summer term 2018
    English 219, Reel Lit, Literature into Film

    Third Year

    Fall term 2017
    English 300, Writing, Rhetoric, Style
    English 332, Literature and Society

    Spring term 2018
    English 300, Writing, Rhetoric, Style
    English 335, Electronic Literature