• Explore and analyze visual culture both past and present

    Leonardo Da Vinci's - The Last Supper

    The Louvre Museum, Paris

Art History

  • Art History (AHIS) explores and analyzes visual culture both past and present in order to understand how it is constructed and its role as a carrier and producer of social meaning.

    Critical tools for the decoding of images, increasingly indispensable in today's media-driven world, are introduced in all Art History courses. In surveying selected examples from various genres and media we investigate the many functions of art within societal and political contexts, focusing on questions of gender, technology, advertising, religion and indigenous cultures. Using high-definition illustrated lectures, group discussions, field trips and written research assignments, AHIS courses allow participants to articulate their visual perceptions in an informed, cogent and creative manner, providing both a sense of history and a potential frame of reference for new artistic creation.

    With their diverse range of interests and academic specializations, our faculty can give students a wide-ranging overview of art historical issues, preparing them for careers in many art-related fields of study and practice.

    We offer introductory courses in Western Art History and Visual Culture, as well as courses on such subjects as:

    • Art and Technology
    • The Art of India, China and Japan
    • First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast
    • History of Textile Art
    • History of Modern Art
    • Renaissance Art in Italy
    • Women and Art History

    For additional AHIS courses, see: Art History course offerings.