Associate of Science Degree - Biology

  • Biology is the science that explores and explains the living world around us, from how molecules move within cells to how ecosystems flourish in varying environments.  A degree in this exciting and rapidly growing science prepares you to work in fields such as health, biotechnology, conversation and resource management.  

    Some courses in the Associate of Science – Biology program have prerequisites. Admission to the program does not guarantee admission into all courses. Students intending to complete the program in two years should have completed PREC 11 (PREC 12 preferred) and CHEM 11 (CHEM 12 preferred) prior to entry. Students who have not already completed PREC 12 and CHEM 12 will be required to take preparatory courses in these subjects

    The Biology department of Capilano University offers a complete selection of biology courses at the first and second year levels and students can use these courses towards an Associate of Science degree.  * Not all second year courses are offered each year *