Organizational Spotlight

    • There are so many great organizations all over the Lower Mainland. Every two weeks, we will introduce you to one to learn more about who they are and what they do.

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      Bluhouse Market + Cafe

      4342 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver, BC




      Who We Are      

      Bluhouse begins at the Farmer's Market with a feeling of connection to a community of people who love local food. It is the excitement of the first harvest of garlic scapes, the memory of biting into a sun ripened cherry tomato or the delight of wild harvested chanterelles.

      We believe that knowing where our food comes from is important and we strive to know our local growers and farmers as friends. Eating local allows us to focus on the seasons, celebrate the natural ebbs and flows of the west coast bounty and to appreciate food with a lower carbon footprint and a higher touch of love all the way from the grower, to the fork full of goodness at Bluhouse. 

      Our mission is to create a community gathered around beliefs that support our planet and spark conversation in the beauty of Deep Cove.

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