• What career fits you best?

    What Do You Want To Do

    • “What is your dream career?” 
      “Who would you want to be in the near future?” 
      “What would you like to do after your graduation?”

      If these questions are on your mind, you are not alone. Most people ask themselves these questions, even those who are already working! Career paths are no longer straight but, even though most people now change careers 7 times throughout their working life, it is good to know the types of options that are best for you.  At the Capilano Career Development Centre we walk our students through a simple four step career planning process. Here’s how you can do it:

      Five Steps to Drawing the Map of Your Career: 

      • Learn about Yourself: Identify your personal strengths, skills and experience and consider your interests, personal values, and characteristic attributes.  
      • Explore Career Options and the Job Market: Conduct job market research and learn about various career prospects. 
      • Make Informed Decision: Narrow down your career options and determine your career target. 
      • Plan Action to Success:  Prepare a concrete, actionable plan to move towards your target job. Then, make your plan real by taking informed actions.  
      • Reflect on Your Action Result

      Students and Alumni are always welcome to drop by the Career Development Centre in Birch 270, or email cdc@capilanou.ca  for an appointment to discuss their career options with our career development advisors. Registered students who wish to explore self-assessment with a counselor can also contact counselling@capilanou.ca for further information.

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