Create an E-Portfolio

    • For students pursuing a career in the creative industries, an e-portfolio (often called a webportfolio, online portfolio or a personal website) is now expected by many employers who use it to see if you do actually have the skills that you claim to have on your resume.  Your e-portfolio can support multi-media formats to showcase your talents in filmmaking, animation, game design, photography, writing, costume design, and illustration.  For students in other industries, an e-portfolio can be a useful (but not essential) addition to your job search toolkit.  Many students pursuing non-creative roles may find that creating an up-to-date and complete LinkedIn profile is a better use of their time.

      Where to Start

      There are many free and low cost options for creating an e-portfolio including:

      Note: The sites listed above are for illustrative purposes only. Capilano University does not endorse any software application or website.  We encourage students to research other tools online if desired.

      What to include

      As e-portfolios are mostly used for the creative industries, there are no strict rules or standards!  Gather as many relevant artifacts as possible to make your e-portfolio interesting.  Avoid out-of-date materials as no one really cares about what you did in Grade 7!  Consider including:

      • Pictures
      • Videos
      • Writing Samples
      • Evaluations
      • Analysis
      • Recommendations
      • Resume

      Remember that you can include work you have created for class projects; it doesn’t only have to be work you were paid for.

      Make it easy for the reader

      As with any job search documents, you want to make sure that your e-portfolio is easy for the reader to navigate. Organize your artifacts as you would do if they were in hard copy (i.e. all blog postings together, all newspaper articles together) and clearly label what your role was in each project.

      There shouldn’t be any spelling or grammatical errors and you should review your e-portfolio regularly to ensure that all links are working.

      Promote your e-portfolio

      The link to your e-portfolio should be included on your resume, business card, LinkedIn profile and email signature block. You could even consider creating a QR code for easy access to your site.

      CapU students can sign up for a FREE Wordpress site at ePortfolio at CapU. Upon Creating your site, you will get a site called

      Students and Alumni are always welcome to drop by the Career Development Centre during drop-in hours or book an appointment, for an e-portfolio review.