• “Building, using and maintaining an effective network is the most important thing you can do to ensure a successful job search in today’s market” (Bolles, 2014). 

      Networking has a bad name. To many people, networking conjures up images of large event rooms filled with false, sleazy people trying to get something from someone else by pretending to be interested and friendly. This, you will be pleased to know, is not true. As you have just read, networking is the most important thing that you can do to ensure a successful job search in today’s market and this is especially true in Vancouver.  

      Networking will:

      • Help you access the hidden job market. Approximately 80% of jobs are not advertised but filled through referrals developed by…networking.
      • Help get your resume noticed when you apply online for a job.
      • Help you to determine what career path you want to take.  

      If you are not a natural lover of networking, the Career Services Networking Guide 2015 (pdf) is for you.  It will help you to understand what networking is actually all about, it’s not as scary as it first seems.  Even if you love networking, this guide will ensure that you are networking in the most effective way. Learn where you can go to network, how to behave when you are networking and the role that social media plays in developing and continuing these relationships. 

      Students and Alumni are always welcome to drop by the Career Development Centre in BIRCH 270A/C/D, or email for an appointment, to discuss networking techniques. 

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