Prepare for Jobs for Caps Hiring and Cap Cares Volunteer Fairs

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      Before the Fairs

      Register RSVP to attend the fairs.

      Research participating organizations – make sure you are aware of which organizations are attending. Visit their websites and find out information about their products and services, available positions and hiring practices, etc.

      Have a clear career focus and bring tailored resumes – be able to communicate to the represented companies what type of work you are looking for and substantiate that with an up-to-date targeted resume. ( Write Your Resume

      Practice personal introduction – develop and rehearse your ‘elevator pitch’, a short introduction that outlines your expertise, skill sets, interests and career goals. (see  Career Development Centre Networking Guide for elevator pitch tips)

      Be ready for common interview questions – the representatives might be able to interview you on the spot. Prepare by reviewing your responses to typical interview questions. ( Prepare for an Interview

      Appropriate attire – make sure you are dressed appropriately according to the industry and your career objective. (see  Career Development Centre Networking Guide for tips on what to wear)

      At the Fairs

      • Approach employers with confidence, a positive attitude and an engaging introduction. ( tips on developing your personal introduction)
      • Articulate why you are interested in the company or in a particular position and ask targeted questions. ( sample questions)
      • Be friendly and conversational while still being professional. ( ideas of how to start a conversation with the employer)
      • Avoid going with a buddy or clumping together in big groups – this might demonstrate a lack of confidence.
      • Ask for contact information (e.g. business cards) and establish the preferred method of follow up. Ensure that you have your business cards with you.

      After the Fairs

      • Send thank-you emails to all recruiters you met at the job fair and maybe attach your resume depending on the conversations you had with the employer when you met. ( sample thank-you note
      • Follow up, follow up, follow up – contact the company again in a week’s time to see where they are with their hiring plans and if you can schedule an interview or provide additional details.