Prepare for an Interview

    • The hard work that you put into your resume and cover letter have paid off and you have landed an interview at your dream company – congratulations! But now what?  Preparation and practice are key!  Never go into a job interview cold and think you can wing it.  The interviewers will immediately recognise that you are unprepared and will question whether you genuinely want the job. 

      Typically an interviewer will decide within 3–5 minutes whether you are a good fit for the job. The Career Services Interview Guide 2015 (pdf) has been created to help you prepare to make your best impression – right away! 

      Ensure to read and review the guide well in advance of your interview to receive guidance on:

      • What to wear to the interview;
      • What to bring to the interview;
      • How to research the organization and industry;
      • How to answer various  interview questions;
      • What to ask the interviewer;
      • What to do at the end of, and after, the interview

      Remember…practice, practice, practice!  Don’t forget to book a mock interview with the Career Development Centre prior to your big day!  Email for an appointment or drop by Birch 270A/C/D.

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