Write Your Cover Letter

    • An effective cover letter will motivate the Hiring Manager to read your resume.  Don’t waste all the hard work that you have put into writing a successful resume with a poorly written cover letter!

      Cover letters are not simply a front page for your resume.  They are an important part of your application, offering you the opportunity to showcase your professionalism, skills, personality and connection with the organization that you are applying to.  

      Top Tips for Writing an Effective Cover Letter:

      • Ensure it is error free and easy to read
      • Don’t be afraid to show your personality and attitude
      • Show how you would offer value to the employer
      • Indicate your connection to the company and let them know why you want to work for them
      • Don’t simply repeat the information included in your resume

      To ensure your success, the Career Development Centre has prepared the Career Development Centre Cover Letter Guide (pdf) to get you started. 

      Students and Alumni are always welcome to drop by the Career Development Centre during  drop-in hours or book an appointment, and have an advisor review their cover letter and resume.