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Bachelor of Communication Studies

  • Applications Open for Fall 2018!

    You're already a journalist, a promoter, a networker, an activist, an advocate, a documentarian, a mediator, an artist, a global citizen. The technologies you use everyday enabled this and your interests drove it. But how do you take those everyday skills, those individual interests and transform them into a profession?

    Capilano University's Bachelor of Communication Studies takes what you know - the media driven world of your everyday life - and allows you to hone the critical, analytic, creative and applied skills you need to develop a career in a variety of communication fields. Our 4-year program fuses theory (critical approaches to media, communication and culture) and practice (applied skills in writing, editing and public speaking) and links these in a project-based curriculum in areas of strategic communication, including:

    • Public and media relations
    • Publishing & cultural criticism
    • Negotiation, mediation & crisis communication
    • Communication policy & Law
    • Organisational, interpersonal & intercultural communication
    • Visual communication & photojournalism

    In fusing theory and practice, the Bachelor of Communication Studies also bridges the classroom and the community through project-based learning, internships, media projects and guest lecturers. Our small, interactive classes also ensure that you're more than a face in the crowd - you're a participant in the learning experience.