External Awards

    • External Awards are offered by organizations and associations separate from Capilano University. Financial Aid and Awards facilitates access to external award resources for students through the information presented on this page.  External award opportunities offered by government partners, associations, and not-for-profit organizations may be considered for publication.

      If you are interested in applying for an external award, please inquire with the organization involved for more details, as listed in the External Awards Handout below.  Each organization's website will have eligibility details listed, as well as applications instructions and deadlines.  Any questions you may have about the application should be directed to the contact listed on their website. 

      External Award Resources

    • External Awards Handout

      The External Awards Handout (pdf) outlines some external scholarships, bursaries, and awards that Capilano University students may be interested in pursuing.  

      Search Engines

      There are publicly available external award search engines to help you in your search, including:

      Aboriginal Bursaries
      Scholarships Canada
      Student Scholarships
      International Scholarship Awards- for students studying abroad
      International Scholarships for Non-Canadians

    • Additional External Award Opportunities

    • The Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society

      Women in Technology and Aboriginal Women in Technology Scholarships

      The Women in Technology and Aboriginal Women in Technology Scholarships are valued at $10,000!

      Women in Technology & Aboriginal Women in Technology are two new scholarships that will be awarded annually by the Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society to acknowledge women and Aboriginal women who are excelling in the study of engineering, mathematics, or computer science.

      The application deadline is the beginning of July. Visit the ikbbc.ca website today to start your application!

      Ike Barber Transfer Scholarships

      The Ike Barber Transfer Scholarship is valued at $5000!

      It is open to students who, after completing one or two years of study at a BC public post-secondary institution, will transfer their credits into full-time studies at another public post-secondary institution in BC to complete their studies.  

      The application deadline is February each year. 
      Download your application from the ikbbc.ca website today!

      B.C. Aboriginal Student Awards

      The BC Aboriginal Student Award is valued at $1000 to $5000!

      It is open to Aboriginal students pursuing post-secondary education at B.C. public post-secondary institutions or Aboriginal-run institutions.

      The application deadline is spring each year. 
      Download your application from the ikbbc.ca website today!

      One World International Scholarships and Premier's International Scholarships 

      The One World International Scholarship is valued at $1000 - $3500!

      It is open to students pursuing a study or work abroad program that:

        1.  is a formal part of a BC credential program and/or carry academic credit recognized at a BC educational institution, or;
        2.  offers experiential learning opportunities involving language acquisition and/or cultural training.

      Students who apply for this scholarship can also apply for the high-value Premier’s International Scholarships.

      The application deadline varies each year.  For this year's deadlines, inquire with Study Abroad.
      Download your application from the ikbbc.ca website today!


      Early Childhood Educators of BC Bursary

      The Early Childhood Educators of BC has received funding from the Ministry of Children and Family Development to establish a bursary fund for students enrolled in early childhood educational programs.  The bursary program was implemented starting in the Fall 2014 semester, and eligible applicants must be enrolled in an approved educational institution in an ECE program - Capilano University is an approved educational institution. 

      ECEBC Bursary Program Applications are available here


      Indspire - Indigenous Education, Canada's Future

       Since its inception in 1985, Indspire has disbursed almost $65 million through close to 20,000 scholarships and bursaries to Indigenous students, making it the largest funder of Indigenous education outside the federal government. 

      Indspire administers numerous bursaries and scholarship awards each year; the Building Brighter Futures booklet (PDF) contains details about application timelines and available awards.  Visit indspire.ca tor further information.  

      Youth In and From Government Care

    • This information is intended for general use only, and may be subject to change. Capilano University does not administer external award opportunities, does not endorse any particular organization referenced on this page, and is not responsible for information contained on third-party sites.