Youth in Care

    • The Provincial Tuition Waiver Program has been established by the B.C. Ministry of Advanced Education  to improve access, services and educational outcomes for former youth in care by waiving tuition fees starting in September 2017, and providing comprehensive supports starting 2018/19.

      Download the Provincial Tuition Waiver Consent Form (.pdf)

    • How do I apply for the tuition waiver?

      1. Complete an Application for Admission and self-identify as former youth in care meeting the Program eligibility (Starting in January 2018).
      2. Download and complete the the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program Consent Form (.pdf) to disclose information and submit it to the Cashier’s Office; identity is verified through student signature. This consent allows the university to validate eligibility with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).
      3. Capilano university will request validation of eligibility from MCFD by submitting the consent form through the MCFD validation process.
      4. If you are admissible to your program of study, Capilano university will admit you without collecting tuition fees. If you have already been verified and paid your fees, your tuition fees will be reimbursed.
      5. If you fall outside the eligibility criteria, but wish to be considered, you or Capilano university can submit a request to the System Navigator ( for consideration. 

      Should I apply to the university before I submit my tuition waiver form?

      Students should apply for admission to the university as early as possible to meet the application deadline requirements.  You are encouraged to submit your Provincial Tuition Waiver Program Consent Form  as soon as you’ve applied to the university.

      What are the eligibility requirements for the tuition waiver?

      The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) have set the Eligibility Requirements (.pdf) 

      I already paid my fees before I knew I could receive this tuition waiver. Can I get a refund?

      Yes, a student who has already paid tuition fees can still complete the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program Consent Form and submit it to the Cashier’s Office, as long as it is prior to the student’s last class or exam for the term.

      If you have any questions about timelines, please contact the Cashier’s Office at

      Can students access the tuition waiver and other funding sources at the same time?

      Yes, students can access the tuition waiver and other types of funding supports, provided there are no restrictions on the other funding supports that would prevent the student from accessing both. For more information regarding additional funding opportunities available for youth, check out

      Students are encouraged to meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to review their specific circumstances.


      What happens if students have financial shortfalls while accessing the tuition waiver?

      Capilano University provides support services for students to determine where other sources of funding may be available to meet additional needs.  Students should meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to determine what additional funding sources may be available to them, if they have financial shortfalls during their studies at Capilano University.

      I have submitted my Provincial Tuition Waiver Program Consent Form and been approved for the waiver, but I just registered for courses and it shows that I owe fees, why is that?

      Fees will be adjusted through an automated process that runs every night.  Please check your fees again the next day and they will be adjusted.  If your fees still show as ‘owing’, please contact the Cashier’s Office at

      How will I know if I’ve been approved by the Ministry for the tuition waiver?

      After you have completed the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program Consent Form (.pdf) and submitted it to the Cashier’s Office, the university will submit the completed form to the MCFD. The verification process can vary from a couple of days to up to four weeks depending on the complexity of your records search.  The Cashier’s Office will notify you as soon as they’ve received confirmation of your eligibility.

      What does the tuition waiver cover?

      The program covers all tuition and mandatory fees charged to the student.  This includes the application fee. Students can request an application fee waiver prior to applying by contacting the Registrar’s Office at 604-984-4900.  If the student has already paid the application fee, it will be refunded automatically when confirmation of eligibility has been received from the Ministry.

      What courses/programs does the tuition waiver cover?

      Credit and non-credit courses leading to a certificate, diploma, credential, or undergraduate degree; Courses taken during unclassified qualifying years (e.g. Arts-general and Sciences-general); and Continuing Studies and Executive Education courses with lifelong learning or competencies related to the labour market.

      This program does not apply to graduate or post-graduate courses or programs (e.g. Post Baccalaureate or graduate certificate/diploma programs).

      Is there an age cap for this program?

      Students accessing this program must be 19 to 26 years of age (inclusive). Youth under the age of 19 are encouraged to first talk with their social worker or any Ministry of Children and Family Development office or any delegated agency to review funding options available for youth under the age of 19.


      The intent of this program is to take an inclusive approach.  If an individual falls outside this eligibility criteria, the government will consider exceptions on an individual basis.  Students who are interested in pursuing this option should meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to assist them with this process.


      Is a letter required from a Social Worker confirming student’s time in care before applying?

      No, students are not required to provide a letter confirming time in care.  Capilano University will confirm this information with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training for students once they have completed and submitted the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program Consent Form to the Cashier’s Office.


      What happens if I drop or withdraw from my course(s) while being funded through this program?

      If a student drops or withdraws from courses after the course/program drop date they are not required to repay tuition.

      Can I claim a tuition waiver for previous terms of study?

      The Provincial Tuition Waiver Program is effective as of September 1, 2017. Students will not be able to claim tuition fee reimbursements for study periods prior to September 1, 2017.

      Can part-time students access the tuition waiver?

      This program applies to part-time students as long as they remain enrolled beyond the drop date for each study period.

      Is successful completion a determinant of whether or not a tuition waiver is issued?

      No, the waiver will be applied as long as the student is still enrolled in a course or program beyond the drop date for each study period.

      Is there an application deadline for this program?

      Students must apply prior to their final class or exam for the term in which the student is applying for the tuition waiver. Once approved for the tuition waiver, students do not need to apply again while attending Capilano University for courses taken at the university.