Academic Advising

    • Our Admissions and Academic Advising Officers can help you plan your education and select courses that are consistent with your career path. They can also answer any questions you might have about our programs as well as programs offered at other institutions. Visit the Advising Centre for details.

      Some helpful resources

      Individuals seeking Academic Advising often find these resources helpful:

      Academic Advising is not the same as Counselling

      It's common for students to confuse Academic Advising with Counselling, which is understandable, as the names can mean the same thing. The two are, however, quite different. Academic Advising assists you with course selection, education planning, choosing courses that align with your career goals . . . you get the idea.

      Counselling, on the other hand, is what you look for if you need personal support. A personal support issue can range from experiencing anxiety and depression to having difficulties with procrastination and time management. Visit Counselling & Learning Support to see the kind of issues we can help you get through.