Why Choose Cap?

    • There are plenty of reasons. Here are just a few:

      Forest Stairs

      A stress-destroying campus

      The Cap campus—or rather, campuses, as we have a campus in Squamish and one on the Sunshine Coast—are striking in their uncommon beauty. Lush forests, towering mountains and stunning plant life will put your mind at ease, even if it's tormented with thoughts of six looming assignment deadlines, a dwindling student loan, and a roommate who insists on eating all your leftover pizza while you sleep.  

      Student Leaders

      We’re a teaching institution 

      There are two types of universities: research institutions and teaching institutions. In a research institution, the professors are engaged primarily in research. In a teaching institution like Cap, the instructors are engaged primarily in teaching. They're people who will take the time to figure out your learning style, your needs, and your strengths. Not to mention your name.

      Profs Cover

      A little class goes a long way

      We keep our classes small. In fact, none of our classes has more than 35 students. If classes become too large, our instructors’ ability to deliver top-flight instruction is compromised, and they can’t develop the relationships necessary for meaningful learning. For us, that’s just plain unacceptable. We're guessing it probably is for you as well.

      Film Cover 2

      We’re academia nuts

      Our instructors are crazy in love with what they do, which is very good news for you. Their passionate professorship is wildly infectious, and suddenly the line between what you’re learning and who you are disappears. And when that happens, when it suddenly hits you that you’re actually doing something you’re meant to do, you just can’t top that feeling. In fact, we can’t even describe that feeling (but we’re pretty sure there’s tingling involved).

      Health Cover

      We put the cred in credit

      Capilano University gets that when everything is said and done, textbook wisdom and street smarts need to stroll in step. That’s why our faculty are more than instructors. They are guides by your side who can help you as you make your initial forays into the work world. With real-world connections forged from years of working in the industry, Capilano University instructors help you not only make the grade, but make your mark. 

      President Convocation

      Like minded, not high minded

      There is no intellectual snobbery at Cap. We believe excellence in education is for everyone. And by everyone we mean the high school student who knows exactly what he or she wants to do in life, as well as the high school student who has absolutely no clue what he or she wants. Whatever your motivation, we’ll help you put your mind to it.

      London Cover

      It’s a big world out there

      If you want to go places in this world, you have to go places in this world. That’s why we have partnerships with other universities across the globe. We offer study tours and international exchanges to countries such as France, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Japan, and Australia. For more details, see Study Abroad.

      Grind Cover

      The North Shore lifestyle

      Mountains that leap out of the ground and fill the sky. Trees that take your breath away. Mesmerizing ocean views. Kayaking, hiking, camping, snowboarding. Or, if nature's not your thing, you can shop. Maybe pick up a fresh salmon. Or a bottle of renowned BC wine. Perhaps you're in the mood for a trip to the city? You'll be glad to know you’re only 20 minutes away from the shops and eateries of Lower Lonsdale and downtown Vancouver. (But be warned: Robson Street has been known to devour student loans in mere minutes.)

      Coal Harbour Cover