• The past is never far away

    We just can’t get enough old news


  • History teaches an understanding of the past that helps people cope with the present and suggests possibilities for the future. Critical thinking and analysis form the core of this discipline and are essential skills in a rapidly changing society.

    Giza PyramidsStudents planning to major in History should take at least four History courses at the University. These can be ANY four courses. An intended major should also have a broad sampling of courses in Social Sciences and Humanities. Students planning to major in History at SFU should take six History courses in the first two years. For UBC the requirement is four History courses. Students planning to take honours should acquire a reading knowledge of an appropriate non-English language.

    University Transfer Credit

    All History courses at Capilano (including WMST 220) transfer to SFU, UBC, UNBC and UVic and count as Humanities credit for the Associate Degree. Please check the B.C. Transfer Guide for further information.

    No pre-requisites are required for entry into any 100-level or 200-level History course.

    Want To Be a Teacher?

    ItsukshimaStudents who intend to become  teachers may need some Canadian history.  If you plan to teach history in British Columbia at the secondary level, you must complete your B.A. with a major in History according to the requirements of the university you attend.  If you plan to teach at the elementary level, the requirements also vary by institution.  The education program at SFU requires that you have completed 3 credits in Canadian history.  UBC requires 3 credits in either Canadian history or Canadian geography, plus a further 6 credits in Canadian studies, which may include Canadian history.  UVIC asks for 6 credits of Canadian history. 

    The following Capilano courses all transfer as Canadian history:  

    • History 110   Canada Before Confederation
    • History 111:  Canada Since Confederation
    • History 205:  British Columbia
    • History 208:  Canadian-American Relations
    • History 209:  First Nations of Canada