Impact of Giving

      • Gifts to Cap are powerful and make amazing things happen. The following are just a few examples of the life changing impact our donors’ gifts have on our students, our campuses and both our local and global communities.

        Impact of Giving Stories

        Scholarship Recipient Cheyenne Kuckein is Going Places

        2016 Nov Impact of Giving C. KuckeinBack from studying abroad in Caen, France, this past spring with support from an ACDEG International Scholarship, marketing student Cheyenne Kuckein is making new plans. “There was such a wonderful international group of students in the program at École de Management de Normandie, and I loved the beautiful French culture,” she says. “I’ve decided to go back for a year after graduation to become fluent in French.”.

        After her classes in Caen ended, Cheyenne travelled on her own across Europe and as far as Latvia and Ukraine. Now she’s finishing up her final semester of classes at Cap U. As co-president of the Capilano University Marketing Association (CAPUMA), she’s organized a first-ever participation in the American Marketing Association’s annual Marketing Week as well as several networking events linking students with digital marketing professionals. This semester she’s mentoring the new CAPUMA officers. Looking ahead, her dream is to be accepted into the grad@Loblaw management training program in Toronto and work her way up to become a brand portfolio manager.

        An outstanding student, Cheyenne has won several awards and scholarships during her time at Cap U, including the BlueShore Financial Business Award, the BMO Bank of Montreal Scholarship for Business Leadership, and the ACDEG International Scholarship that helped fund her studies in France. “I am incredibly grateful for the financial support I’ve received. It’s reassured me that I’m on the right path. Merci mille fois!”

        Capilano University Students Say Thank You

        2016 Nov Impact of Giving GraduatesThanks to the generosity of donors like you, Capilano University is able to present scholarships, awards and bursaries. Bursaries are awarded based on financial need, and unlike loans they do not have to be repaid. Because bursaries are based on economic need, we maintain students' privacy. Here are a few thank you messages from bursary recipients demonstrating the effects of receiving donor funding.

        “This bursary has been directly applied to my tuition for this upcoming semester. I feel this note does not do justice to how grateful I am for receiving this award and for how much it assisted me. It has allowed me to focus on school and I have excelled academically. I am so very grateful as it will help me achieve my dream of helping others as a Rehabilitation Assistant. Thank you for your generous support of my education.”

        “This bursary has relieved me from the anxiety a lot of university students face when confronted with the true cost of working hard to afford school. The impacts of bursaries go far beyond their economic value. These funds have fueled my drive to complete my degree and to give back to the community.”

        “I am not sure how to express my gratitude. As a parent of three, I was short for rent and thinking how we could manage when I received the bursary. I am not sure if I could complete my program without your help. Thank you very much.”

        “I am a mature student working on my second year of the degree program. The generosity of supporters that believe in the success of Capilano students gives me the strength and determination to continue working on my goal and dream of finishing the Bachelor of Business Administration program.”

        Generous support of new Cap program creates community leaders

        Leaders - thumbIn Cap’s new Community Leadership and Social Change program, students learn the skills to be community leaders who bring positive change to their neighborhoods.

        “In all our communities there are special people who give the place heart and soul. They contribute their time, ideas, and energy to reach out to each other and to create a better world,” says Kathy Coyne, an instructor in the program. That’s the kind of leader and facilitator the new program seeks to foster through courses in community development, leadership, facilitation, and project management. In their final year students put their skills to work in the real world, creating Capstone Projects focusing on an issue like literacy, food security, or health promotion. “It’s about fostering collaboration and dialogue, building capacity, and bringing real change to communities from the grass roots,” Coyne says.

        Stewardship program has global Impact thanks to donor gifts

        Caity - thumbThe support provided by gifts like the George and Lee Grills Global Stewardship endowment are enabling students with diverse career goals to make a difference in their world.

        Caity Basalama remembers how she felt after returning from her high school trip to Borneo where she worked as a volunteer. “People don’t tell you about the culture shock when you come back,” she says. Basalama eventually discovered Capilano’s Global Stewardship program and knew immediately what her next steps would be. “It was such an obvious fit,” she says. After her time at Cap, she spent four months in northern Uganda, then completed her bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies at Dalhousie University and an education degree at Simon Fraser University. Today Basalama teaches at an international school on the East African island of Zanzibar. “If I can instill in my students just a fraction of the global citizenship I learned at Cap,” she says, “I will be incredibly happy.”

        Jeyna Plowman is on her way!

        Jeyna - thumbJeyna Plowman’s decision to return to school wasn’t easy, but with financial support from awards made possible by generous donors, she’s well on her way to a new career as an ultrasound technician.

        After quitting school in grade 11 and working at a number of uninspiring jobs, Plowman realized she would need more education for a chance at a rewarding career. Her new goal--becoming an ultrasound technician--brought her to Cap’s Sunshine Coast campus, where she enrolled in the Adult Basic Education program to finish her high-school coursework before pursuing her technical training. The financial assistance she’s received from awards (Jim Duvall Memorial Award, Jim Cooke Award and Travis Cripps Memorial Award) has been invaluable, helping her to meet her school-related expenses and re-engage in an education that fits her needs as an adult learner.

        Chart-topping podcaster credits Cap for his success

        Gest - thumbA $6 million gift from the Bosa family to create a world-class centre for film and animation studies has already enabled hundreds of Cap students to fulfill their dream of entering the film world.

        Motion Picture Arts grad Kyle Gest, now a wildly successful podcaster, is one of them. It was his passion for storytelling and screenwriting that led him to Cap, where he learned the sound design and post-production skills that enabled him to create The Lapse Storytelling Project, a podcast that topped iTunes charts only a few months after it launched. With legions of fans now, Gest says, “it’s so bizarre, it’s hard to put into words.” And every time he’s on a film set, he confirms the outstanding quality of Cap’s Motion Picture Arts program when he sees veterans on the set interacting with newly minted film grads. “Honestly,” he says, “Cap grads are the only ones that don’t get laughed at.”

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