Health Insurance

      • All international students must have health insurance for the entire time they are studying at CapU. Without health insurance, you could pay thousands of dollars for a hospital stay and even be refused certain services. For students who will be living in British Columbia longer than 6 months, you will be expected to apply for the Medical Services Plan (MSP) of B.C. upon arriving in BC. Medical services covered by MSP include: basic medical care within Canada, most doctors visits, and most hospital visits.

        What to do if you already have the Medical Services Plan (MSP) of B.C.

        • Please bring your MSP card to the CIE office in the Library building, room 127, when you arrive to Capilano University.

        What to do if you do not have the Medical Services Plan (MSP) of B.C.

        • There is a waiting period for newcomers to BC before your Medical Services Plan (MSP) of B.C. will take effect and you should have temporary health insurance for the duration of this waiting period. Students are required to pay for a private interim (temporary) coverage provided by
        • The cost of this interim (temporary) coverage is $180.00 for the waiting period. Exceptions include: visiting or exchange students (the cost will vary depending on the study duration) and students sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau (the cost is not applicable).
        • The CIE registers international students for this interim (temporary) coverage.
        • Health and dental insurance info sheet (.pdf)

        What is the CSU Health and Dental Plan and how to sign up?

        • The Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) Health and Dental Plan offers extended medical coverage for services that are not covered by the MSP of B.C.  
        • The extended services covered by the CSU Health and Dental Plan include: prescription drugs and vaccinations, accidents and emergencies, health practitioners (physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.), vision coverage, dental coverage, travel coverage
        • Capilano University will automatically sign up students in the CSU Health and Dental Plan and the charges will appear on your Student Information Web Service
        • If you are already covered by an equivalent medical plan, you can opt out of this plan within the timelines provided.

        Health Services on campus

        • Capilano University students can visit a doctor at the North Vancouver campus. 
        • Check out the Health Services pages for hours, appointments and services offered.