• Learning a new language opens doors.

    Explore another culture by learning a language.

    ¡Buenos días! Hallo. Ni hao. Konnichiwa. Hello. Bonjour.

    You have as many lives as the languages you speak.

    Great Wall of China


  • The Languages Department at Capilano University offers a great variety of University Transfer language courses, such as: ChineseFrenchJapaneseSpanish and General Linguistics, all of which are taught by a team of enthusiastic instructors.

    Exposure to each language is supported by weekly conversation classes, which give students the opportunity to practice newly learned material in smaller groups, with a native speaker.  The relaxed and fun atmosphere of these one-hour sessions allows students to appreciate the cultural aspects of the language they are learning.

    Capilano University houses an advanced computer language lab.  The Language Resource Centre is used extensively for instruction, or as a drop-in facility, where students can practice the oral-aural dimension of the language they are studying at their own pace.  During the spring and fall terms, the facility is open approximately 18-hours a week and is supervised by Language Associates who will be happy to assist you.

    Whether you are interested in studying a language in general or wish to expand your horizons by learning a second or third language, Capilano University offers an exceptional program, first-class instruction, and a top-notch computer facility to make language learning a truly enjoyable experience.*

    * Modern language courses may not be challenged.