• Learning a new language opens doors.

    Explore another culture by learning a language.

    ¡Buenos días! Hallo. Ni hao. Konnichiwa. Hello. Bonjour.

    You have as many lives as the languages you speak.

    Great Wall of China


  • Welcome to French at Capilano University!  Our approach encourages playful and relevant language use at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level in a comfortable classroom environment. 

    Each of our courses has three components: lectures, conversations, and labs.

    • Lectures are given by experienced instructors who will cover all aspects of the language including culture.
    • Weekly conversation classes are designed to practice newly learned material in smaller groups, with a native speaker.
    • Language labs give students the opportunity to work individually on a variety of assignments, or to meet informally in a beautiful setting to work on group projects.  This Language Resource Centre is used extensively for instruction or as a drop-in facility where students can practice at their own pace the oral-aural dimension of the language they are studying. 

    These three components together ensure that even the most reticent of students can succeed in learning or perfecting their French.

    Which course to select?

    • If you are an absolute beginner or have never completed any French course beyond Grade 9, register in FREN 100
    • If you have completed grade 11 French, register in FREN 150
    • If you have completed grade 12 core French (and were not in secondary immersion), register in FREN 204 or FREN 205
    • If you were an immersion student at the secondary level, register in FREN 270 or FREN 271 
    • If you have completed FREN 204/205 (formerly known as 170/171) or FREN 270/271 and would like to work specifically on your speaking ability, register in FREN 215


    For further assistance in determining what level of French to register in, please check out either the French Language Registration Chart (.pdf) (for general students) or the French IMMERSION Registration Flow Chart (.pdf) (for former French Immersion students). If you do not fit any of these categories, please contact Catherine Gloor.

    Students with a competence in the language beyond the level of the course in which they are registered will be required to withdraw 

    University Transfer Credit

    Our courses transfer widely to other B.C. universities and colleges.  Please check the B.C. Transfer Guide for further information