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    All courses in Japanese consist weekly of three hours of lecture, one hour of conversation, and assignments in the multimedia lab on a drop-in basis (taking approximately 45 minutes).

    In order to provide for the most appropriate student placement, students with Japanese 9, 10 or Beginners 11 credit should register in JAPN 100; students with Japanese 11 credit should register in JAPN 101, not JAPN 100. Students with a Japanese 12 credit with a minimum C grade should register in JAPN 200.

    Students who have studied Japanese elsewhere are not eligible to register in JAPN 100.

    Before contacting the instructor available for consultation regarding placements, you may find it helpful to check the registration flow chart (.pdf). For further information, inquiries or if you are unsure about your placement, please contact Kazuko Mito by email at kmito@capilanou.ca or by phone at 604-983-7508 (Local 7508). 

    University Transfer Credit

    The following Japanese courses at Capilano University transfer to UBC, SFU, UNBC, UVic, and all post-secondary institutions in B.C. Please check the B.C. Transfer Guide for further information.

    Students with competence in the language beyond the level of the course in which they are registered will be required to withdraw. Students who are not sure of their language level should contact the Japanese Language instructor.