Local Government Leadership Development Certificate Program

  • Who is this for?

    The new Local Government Leadership Development Certificate program is specifically designed for local government professionals with at least two years in a management or supervisory role, who seek to improve their leadership abilities and equip themselves for more senior positions. Through this program, local government professionals will gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to be more effective managers and leaders in their organizations.

    What will I learn?

    This program will help you to improve your ability to:

    • Explain, analyze and value the roles and interests of elected officials and administration in providing leadership to local government organizations.
    • Apply problem solving and issue resolution techniques and frameworks in a local government context.
    • Develop plans and recommendations to guide local government decision makers.
    • Use team leadership knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with elected officials, the public, stakeholders and senior management.
    • Analyze public sector workplace challenges and develop ethical and professional responses to address a wide variety of situations.

    What courses can I take?

    This certificate requires completion of 6 courses (18 credits). If you have already taken a Capilano University MATI course or other Capilano University PADM course, you just need to select and complete the other courses required to earn this Certificate. Please see Program Requirements for complete details.

    Application to the program:

    Please complete the Applicant Declaration and email to Anna Delaney adelaney@capilanou.ca and we can then assist you with the next steps in applying to the program.