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Math & Statistics

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    Whether your interest is to study mathematics as a purely intellectual pursuit or as a requirement for some other program, Capilano University offers courses from preparatory algebra through second-year university level mathematics and statistics to help you realize your goals. 

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    Math 097 is an intermediate algebra course designed to refresh students’ algebra skills, with a focus on preparing students for MATH 105 (Precalculus).  MATH 097 also serves as a prerequisite for MATH 101 (Introduction to Statistics) and MATH 190 (Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers). 



    MATH 105 is a precalculus course specifically designed for students planning on taking calculus.  It is recognized by post-secondary institutions as a Precalculus 12 equivalent.  MATH 105 receives transfer credit at all the major universities, except UBC-Vancouver.


    Calculus I

    MATH 108 is a calculus course designed primarily for students planning to pursue a business or commerce program, whereas MATH 116 is oriented to the sciences.  As enrolment permits separate engineering, life science and physical science streams of MATH 116 will be offered with each stream covering the same core content but emphasizing examples relevant to the associated applications area.


    Introductory Statistics

    MATH 101 is an introductory statistics course designed primarily for non-science students wanting to fulfill a science elective or "Q" course requirement.


    Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

    MATH 190 is a course designed for future elementary school teachers.  A component of the term work in this course requires preparation for and participation in a SNAP Math Fair that is held on campus outside of regularly scheduled class time.  Attendance at the Math SNAP Fair is MANDATORY.  Students who have taken, received transfer credit for, or are currently taking MATH 108 or MATH 116 (Calculus I), may not take MATH 190 for credit without the permission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.  This course is not normally available for credit to students in science programs.


    Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students

    MATH 300 is a course designed for students interested in the connections between mathematics and the creative arts. Throughout history, mathematics has been used as a tool to study and to create a variety of works in music, literature and visual art. This course uncovers the math both in the forefront and behind the art. This course may be used as an elective for any degree program at Capilano University. MATH 300 does not currently have transfer credit at other institutions.