Capilano Universe

      • 2017 SEASON

        These FREE presentations are co-sponsored by Capilano University, North Vancouver District Public Library, North Vancouver City Library, West Vancouver Memorial Library and Burnaby Public Library. The events run from 7pm to 8:45pm. Early arrival is highly recommended.

        Organizer: Leonard George (

        West Vancouver Memorial Library
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        1950 Marine Drive, WV

        Forever Young: How Health Practices Can Have a Positive Effect on Aging

        Aging is an inevitable part of living: from the greying of hair to the wrinkling of skin. But, aging doesn’t have to be an uncontrolled descent into frailty and oblivion. This talk will explore some of the changes that can happen in your bones, muscles, heart, digestive system and brain as you age. It will also address strategies and behaviours that you can employ to promote good health at any age.

        Dr Jerome Genz

        Presenter: Dr. Jerome Genz

        Dr. Jerome Genz, B.Sc. (Kinesiology), DC (Chiropractic) has been a health and fitness educator for over 30 years. At Capilano University he teaches anatomy, sports injuries and nutrition courses in the Human Kinetics department. As a practicing chiropractor he has seen first-hand how health and fitness strategies enhance the quality of life no matter at what life stage they are embarked upon. When he is not marking or seeing patients, Jerome practices what he preaches, enjoying an active, healthy life!

        North Vancouver District Public Library, Lynn Valley Main Library
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        1277 Lynn Valley Road, NV

        Strumming Through History: How the Music of the Guitar Echoes Spanish and South American History

        From the aristocratic dignity of the early Spanish Renaissance’s strict polyphony to the exotic, virtuosic syncopations of the modern Tango, the Chacarera, and flamenco Soleares, this lecture and musical demonstration traces the diverse course of the guitar in the culture of Spain and South America. This presentation will examine how the politics, church and society of the time and place helped to form the boundaries and eccentricities of the music.

        Stephen Boswell

        Presenter: Stephen Boswell

        Born in Northampton, England. Stephen began to play the guitar at age eight. He has studied with such eminent guitarists as Jose Tomas, Oscar Ghiglia, Leo Brouwer and Manuel Barrueco. Stephen has played many concert tours in the Pacific Northwest. He has been a faculty member at Capilano University in North Vancouver for the past thirty four years and has released six solo guitar recordings in such genres as Spanish, Baroque, Flamenco, South American and Classical Guitar music. He continues to study, compose, teach and concertize. 

        TUESDAY, MARCH 14
        North Vancouver District Public Library, Capilano Branch
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        3045 Highland Boulevard, NV

        Enhancing Education with the “Digital Blur:” Engaging Students with Games like Pokemon Go

        Games like Pokemon Go use regular technology such as cell phones for playing games outside in the real world. A blend of on-line and reality (the “digital blur”) is engaging when we play for fun and when students play “serious games”, such as educational simulations, which can include all forms of modern communication. This presentation will focus on a role play simulation at McGill University, and how its design is used in a Capilano University course.

        Dr Nancy Nowlan

        Presenter: Dr. Nancy Nowlan   

         Dr. Nancy Nowlan teaches Management, Workplace Development and other courses in the School of Business and recently completed her doctorate in Education – Transformational Change at Simon Fraser University. She has presented at ISAGA, the International Simulation and Gaming Association and ABSEL, the Association of Business Simulations and Experiential Learning in 2016.

        TUESDAY, MARCH 28
        Burnaby Public Library, Bob Prittie Metrotown Branch
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        6100 Willingdon Avenue, Bby

        KIZUNA: Creative Practices as Healing Aids for Human Suffering

        KIZUNA (Bond) is the Japanese word for appreciating the existence of others. How do we connect with each other creatively? How do we overcome deep grief? Since the Great East Japan Earthquake took many lives on March 11, 2011, I think, work, and cry from my liminal space. ‘Liminal’ comes from Latin limen, ‘threshold’: in between, transition, ambiguity. My research has shown that creative social acts like poetry, visual art, music and dialogue can help overcome some of this pain.

        Yoriko Gillard

        Presenter: Yoriko Gillard  

        Yoriko Gillard, a Japanese Instructor in the School of Humanities at Capilano University, is an artist, poet, language educator and educational researcher. She is a PhD student in Language and Literacy Education at UBC and investigating how creative communication helps people understand each other reciprocally during periods of hardship, cultural conflict, and language dissonance. Her current research initiatives include a HEARTH Project: hear/heart/art/earth and KIZUNA (Bond) activities.  

        TUESDAY, APRIL 11
        North Vancouver District Public Library, Parkgate Branch
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        3675 Banff Court, NV

        The Medium’s Apprentice: A Psychologist Probes the Paranormal

        In every age and culture, people have had experiences that mystified them. Can the science of Psychology provide insights into these mysteries? In this presentation, Dr. George will share some of his adventures in Anomalistic Psychology, from working in a parapsychology lab and investigating hauntings to hunting for elves in Iceland to being trained as a Spiritualist medium.

        Dr Leonard George

        Presenter: Dr. Leonard George

        Dr. Leonard George received a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from the University of Western Ontario. His career has included work as a psychologist in hospitals and clinics, and also as a researcher, writer, broadcaster and educator. He has been a faculty member at Capilano University for the past 12 years. The author of two books and many articles, he has given lectures and seminars across North America, Europe and the Middle East, and webinars online. In the summer of 2017, he plans to visit Mongolia to give some presentations and investigate shamanic practices there. 

        SATURDAY, APRIL 22
        Capilano University, Library building
        8:30 am – 3:15 pm

        Capilano University, 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver

        Special Event: Student Research Symposium

        Capilano University’s first student research symposium is a celebration of the diverse research projects completed by graduating students in the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behaviour Analysis, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, Bachelor of Communication Studies, and Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education. Students will share their findings in a series of moderated student panel sessions.

        For further information please visit:

        Burnaby Public Library, McGill Branch
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        4595 Albert Street, Burnaby

        Women Behind Bars: Experience and Education in Women’s Prisons

        Incarcerated women are largely out of sight and thus forgotten. No longer part of their communities, they are the most marginalized in society. The intersection of sexism and racism victimizes women in prison. They are more likely to be younger, single, unemployed and without a high school diploma than Canadian women in general. But research shows that people who receive an education while jailed have a better chance of employment post-release and are less likely to return.

        Kirsten and Laurel

        Presenter: Kirsten McIlveen & Laurel Whitney 

        Laurel and Kirsten have worked for prisoner’s rights for over 25 years. Laurel has taught university courses in the BC Penitentiary and Matsqui Institution, and researched restorative justice as an alternative to incarceration. Kirsten has been visiting imprisoned women for 25 years with a group called Joint Effort. Kirsten has been a faculty member at Capilano University for 8 years, and Laurel for many years. They volunteer as life skills coaches for inmates on parole who have addictions problems. Their film about how paroled inmates benefit from community support was shown at a National Conference on Community Corrections. They teach a social sciences course to women in the Fraser Valley Institute, a women’s prison.

        WEDNESDAY, MAY 10
        North Vancouver City Library
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        120 14th Street West, NV

        Surfing the Grey Tsunami: Living and Helping with Dementia

        In 2015, Canada reached a tipping point: we officially have more senior citizens than children. Along with “the rising tide of the grey tsunami” comes a dramatic increase in the number of Canadians living with dementia. Health care providers proudly declare that they are giving “person-centred care”. But what does that mean, and can we truly provide it in a system that is ill equipped to cope? It’s time to rethink the way we care. .

        Nadja Neubauer

        Presenter: Nadja Neubauer   

        Nadja Neubauer is a Licensed Practical Nurse (BSN candidate) with an extensive background in nursing, gerontology, and education. She has been teaching Health Care Assistants at Capilano since 2011, and was a recipient of one of Capilano University’s “Exceptional Service Awards” in 2014. She is passionate about elder care and is happiest when bringing students from the classroom into North Shore residential care facilities.