Capilano Universe

      • 2016 SEASON

        These FREE presentations are co-sponsored by Capilano University, North Vancouver District Public Library, North Vancouver City Library, West Vancouver Memorial Library and Burnaby Public Library. The events run from 7pm to 8:45pm. Early arrival is highly recommended.

        Organizer: Leonard George (

        West Vancouver Memorial Library
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        1950 Marine Drive, WV

        From Eden to Isil: The Eternal War For Control of the Imagination

        “Imagination rules the world.” ~~ Napoleon Bonaparte

        It’s an old truth: you can conquer with violence and fear; but to sustain victory, you must conquer from inside – you must rule the imagination. You must make it hard to imagine that things could be different. Imagination has the power to harm and heal, link and divide, enslave and free. In this presentation we will survey some of the ways that imagination’s power has been used through the centuries, and some of the battles for control of this power.

        Dr. Leonard George

        Presenter: Dr. Leonard George

        Dr. Leonard George is the Chair of the Psychology Department at Capilano University, where he teaches a range of courses and organizes the annual Capilano Universe presentation series. He has given lectures and seminars across North America, Europe and the Middle East as well as online. Leonard has written two books and dozens of articles. Prior to his stint at Capilano he worked for many years as a clinical psychologist in both public and private sectors, and for several years was a regular voice on CBC Radio. He is well-travelled in body as well as in mind: for instance, at one point he resided in a Buddhist monastery in China; at another, his home base was a tomb in a cemetery in India. He witnessed a revolution in Greece in 1974, and another in Egypt in 2012. He is drawn to all things that are vast, intricate or make a 'mewing' sound.

        North Vancouver District Public Library, Lynn Valley Main Library
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        1277 Lynn Valley Road, NV

        I Know Not Why I Do: Unconscious Influences on Emotions, Decision-Making and Behaviour

        Much of human behaviour involves conscious and deliberate effort, yet just how much of it is due to unconscious influences? This talk explores how factors outside of awareness can affect our behaviour. We will also discuss influences on decision making, judgments, and emotions.

        Presenter: Dr. Danielle Labossière

        Dr. Danielle Labossière is a cognitive psychologist whose research interests are centred on human memory and performance and the interactions between attention, memory, and emotion. Her recent research has involved investigations into the consequences that recent perceptual and attentional experiences with stimuli with emotional dimensions have on perception.

        Danielle has been teaching at campuses across Canada since 2008 on a range of topics including cognition, memory, and emotion, at the University of Manitoba, Université Saint-Boniface, St. Thomas More College at the University of Saskatchewan, and Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus. She joined the Department of Psychology at Capilano University in 2014, where she has been teaching Cognition and Introduction to Psychology.

        North Vancouver District Public Library, Capilano Branch
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        3045 Highland Boulevard, NV

        Legacy of a Secret War: How War's Aftermath Continues to Kill

        Between 1964 and 1973 the United States conducted a massive secret air war against Laos, making it the most heavily bombed country in history. This presentation features a showing of the film Bombies (which won first place awards at a dozen film festivals). The film explores the deadly legacy of the Laos campaign: 100 million unexploded cluster bombs, still killing villagers 50 years after they were dropped.

        Presenter: Jack Silberman

        Jack Silberman studied documentary filmmaking at MIT and has a Masters degree from Harvard. He has made documentaries for Canadian broadcasters, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS, United Nations agencies, and others. His films have been broadcast on tv networks around the world and have won more than 60 awards. He teaches directing and producing, and also mentors students, in the Documentary Film Program at Capilano University.

        TUESDAY, MARCH 22
        Burnaby Public Library, Bob Prittie Metrotown Branch
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        6100 Willingdon Avenue, Bby

        Active Vancouver: Exploring Outdoor Recreation in the City's Natural Environment

        In his new book Active Vancouver, Roy Jantzen profiles a variety of activities—cycling, trail running, hiking, snowshoeing, paddling, picnicking, and more—all within a day trip of Vancouver. The book provides the reader with all the information they need to plan a fun, safe, active, and environmentally education-rich day. Roy’s talk will guide the audience to local and regional areas as he focusses on both the recreation and environmental education components of Active Vancouver.

        Presenter: Roy Jantzen

        Roy Jantzen is a professor of Natural History at Capilano University in the Faculty of Global and Community Studies. For over two decades, Roy has helped educate the public about the importance of our biodiverse areas and our human place in them, and he sees this book as an extension of that effort. Though he has a passion for local ecosystems and the species that encompass them, he also has a strong desire for exercise and recreation. And he sees Metro Vancouver as one of the most accessible regions on the planet for access to green space to facilitate his love of both. Roy holds a Master of Environmental Education and Communication through Royal Roads University and asks, “Shouldn’t all education be environmental education?

        North Vancouver District Public Library, Parkgate Branch
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        3675 Banff Court, NV

        Towers of Song: The European Adventures of the Capilano University Singers

        Did you know that the Capilano University Singers go to Europe every two years, giving concerts at major sacred and secular venues? Previously they have sung in Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany, performing pieces composed specifically for the venues. In 2015 they went to France, performing at Notre Dame Cathedral and La Madeleine in Paris, the Canadian monument at Vimy Ridge, and several locales in the South of France. Dr. Wendy Grant will showcase some of the performances recorded from the tour and praise the twin adventures of music and travel.

        Wendy Grant

        Presenter: Dr. Wendy Grant

        Dr. Wendy Grant completed her PhD in historical musicology at the University of Victoria in 2000, having won the Governor General’s Gold Medal for her work on the music of Henry Purcell. She has been part of Capilano University’s Music Diploma faculty for 16 years. As a specialist in music history, it is a special thrill for her to accompany students as they investigate the actual churches and courts for which the music they are singing was written.

        Burnaby Public Library, McGill Branch
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        4595 Albert Street, Bby

        New Frontiers in Special Education

        Students, parents and teachers involved in Special Education face many challenges. In this presentation, Dr. Linda McDonnell will review current issues and the latest research (including her own). She will share suggestions on how parents, school staff and community professionals can work as Individual Education Plan teams to foster students' goal-setting and achievement.

        Presenter: Dr. Linda McDonnell

        Dr. Linda McDonnell is a faculty member in the Department of Education at Capilano University. She earned undergraduate and Masters degrees in Special Education with the University of New Mexico, and completed completed the Leadership/Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Program with the University of Phoenix. She is the author of Barriers That Prevent the Alignment of The Individual Education Plan with Inclusion Classroom Practice. After extensive research on the Individual Education Plan, she conducted a study at Roberts Creek Elementary School on the Sunshine Coast into the challenges of aligning the individual education plan with classroom practice. Linda recently taught Working in Schools, a course for the Sunshine Coast Indian band (SIB) Education Assistant Program at Capilano University. Currently she supervises the SIB Education Assistant practicum for the Education Assistant Program at Capilano University on the Sunshine Coast.

        TUESDAY, MAY 10
        North Vancouver City Library
        7:00 - 8:45pm

        120 14th Street West, NV

        A Ribbon of Steel or a String of Pearls? Women Building Community Along BC's Kettle Valley Railway

        One hundred years ago, the Kettle Valley Railway was pushed through the rugged land of BC’s interior to secure an all-Canadian route through southern BC. Spaced along this sinuous line were ‘section houses’, simple dwellings separated by miles from each other, which housed the workers (and often their families) who were responsible for rail maintenance. This presentation will explore how the inhabitants of these isolated whistle-stops were part of an elongated CPR ‘company town’, and how women were instrumental in building community in this challenging setting.

        Presenter: Jeanne Mikita

        Jeanne has taught a wide variety of courses in her 22 years at Capilano University – in the Departments of Geography, Women’s & Gender Studies, and in the Global Stewardship Program. As a geographer, she has always been interested in the interplay between humans and landscape, and the forces that push people from one part of the world to another. Her earlier research focused on the migration of Filipina nannies to Vancouver, but more recently, she has turned her attention to the movements and place-making activities of the people who worked on BC’s historic Kettle Valley Railway.