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Physics & Astronomy

  • Physics and Astronomy at Capilano

    The Physics Department of Capilano University offers courses in Physics and Astronomy transferable to other universities.  The three entry-level Physics courses, as described below, accommodate students with a wide range of backgrounds in mathematics and physics.  The introductory Physics requirements of students contemplating careers in the physical sciences, health sciences and engineering can be met.  In addition, courses in Physics and Astronomy are offered which fulfill the science and lab science requirements of the Associate in Arts degree.

    What is Physics?

    Physics involves the study of matter, energy, space and time over a range of scales from sub-atomic to astronomical.  It underlies other sciences as well as Engineering.  Advances in Physics during the last century have led to consumer items we already take for granted, such as compact discs, home computers and cellular phones.

    Entry-level Courses in Physics

    Students should also consult the Calendar descriptions of the Physics courses along with the BC Transfer Guide and the Physics Department’s Course Support page.

    PHYS 104 is an introductory course requiring high school Principles of Mathematics 12 or Precalculus 12 but no previous Physics.  Capilano’s MATH 105 may be taken concurrently if the high school pre-requisite has not been met.  PHYS 104 meets the Physics pre-requisite requirement for PHYS 110 and PHYS 114.

    PHYS 110 is an introductory course for students who have passed high school Physics 11 and are concurrently taking Capilano’s MATH 108 or MATH 116.  PHYS 110, followed by PHYS 111, is a sequence recommended for students intending to continue their University studies in the biological or health sciences.

    PHYS 114 is an introductory course for students who have passed high school Physics 12 and are concurrently taking Capilano’s MATH 116.  It is required of students going into Engineering, and is also the appropriate course for students planning careers in the physical sciences.