Tourism Marketing Citation

  • The tourism marketing citation is focused on an introduction to sales and marketing within the tourism industry. Developing knowledge in the sales process, marketing strategies and an overall understanding of the relationships within and interrelationships of the tourism industry.

    The citation is excellent for those who:

    • Don’t currently meet the admission requirements of the Tourism Management diploma or degree as it enables you to take three tourism related courses per term while upgrading your admission.
    • Want to attend university and may not exactly know what path to take.
    • Need a short-term focused credential to upgrade their knowledge.

    The citation provides key course learning that adds value to your employability skill set. It ladders seamlessly into the Tourism Management Co-operative diploma and Bachelor of Tourism Management.

    The citation offers your choice of one elective within the program, which you can choose from an area of interest including hotels, events, adventure, eco-tourism, and conference services.

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  • Graduate Testimonial

    "The Tourism Marketing Citation gave me the opportunity to take tourism courses while upgrading my English and math marks, this enabled me to move into the diploma easily. I now have one semester left and am looking forward to entering the workforce to gain further industry experience and begin my tourism career!"
    Kailey Tress, TMdip 2017

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