• Spring 2017 Semester

    The Psychology department offers a wide variety of courses for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

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    PSYC 340: Conservation Psychology

    This course surveys the new field of conservation psychology

    PSYC 225: Biopsychology of Behaviour

    What is the biological basis of behaviour?

    Introductory Psych Textbook

    The Psych 100/101 Custom Textbook will be available in the bookstore for the Fall Semester: An introduction to psychological science (Cdn. ed.) by Krause, Corts, Smith, &   Dolderman (2015).

    PSYC 300: Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships

    Fall 2016 (LBST Theme: Community): "Only connect" (E.M.Forster)! It's all about relationships.

Associate of Arts - Psychology

  • The Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology provides students with fundamental knowledge and a critical understanding of the discipline of psychology. The program outlined is designed to stand alone as a two year associate degree or to facilitate transfer to four year institutions, such as Simon Fraser University, and completes the first two years of the four year degree program.