• Spring 2018 Semester

    The Psychology department offers a wide variety of courses for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

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    Introductory Psych Textbook

    The Psych 100/101 Custom Textbook will be available in the bookstore for the Fall Semester: An introduction to psychological science (Cdn. ed.) by Krause, Corts, Smith, &   Dolderman (2015).

    PSYC 225: Biopsychology of Behaviour

    What is the biological basis of behaviour?

    Psyc 341: Fall 2017

    Fall 2017 - Take Psyc 341: Psychology of Religion and Spirituality from scholar and researcher, Dr. Leonard George

Associate of Arts - Psychology

  • The Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology provides students with fundamental knowledge and a critical understanding of the discipline of psychology. The program is designed to stand alone as a two year Associate of Arts degree in Psychology or to facilitate transfer to four year institutions, such as Simon Fraser University, and completes the first two years of the four year Bachelor degree program.