Accessibility Services (formerly Disability Services)

    • The Starting Place for Students with All Disabilities

      Accessibility Services faculty and staff welcome your inquiries. We are the point of entry for students with disabilities who are enrolling in regular University courses and programs. Once you are a registered student at the University, our department can arrange accommodations and services for you to maximize your post-secondary educational experience.

      Contact the  Accessibility Services Office as early as possible, at least four months in advance of the term.


      Accessibility Services requires that you provide current medical evidence and documentation about your disability or medical condition in advance of the start date of the term that you plan to attend Capilano University. This process will enable us to ensure that specific arrangements are in place in a timely manner to support you in your studies.  If your records are available from either your school or your physician, please contact them for copies before making an appointment with Accessibility Services.  The University will be unable to provide support services or accommodations until appropriate documents are on file.  For more information on student access please go to The Accessibility Guide website developed by the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) .

      Services Offered

      Students with disabilities are encouraged to self-identify and begin their educational planning in a confidential, supportive environment several months before classes begin. We will discuss the following with you:

      • Accommodation planning
      • University orientation 
      • Registration assistance
      • Instructor notifications
      • Exam accommodations
      • Classroom accommodations
      • Alternative format text
      • Interpreting services
      • Assistance in accessing the Canada Student Grant (CSGP-PD)
      • Assistance in accessing equipment and services through the Canada Student Grant Program (CSGP-SEPD)

      Accessibility Services Awards

      Students with documented disabilities in at least their second term at the University with a GPA of 2.5 or better and registered with Accessibility Services, may apply for awards. Apply on-line through the  Financial Aid Office.

       Faculty and Staff         

      • Accessibility Services Advisor - Cheryl Kramer, B.A., M.S.
      • Accessibility Services Advisor -  Nathan Anderson, M.Ed. 
      • Learning Skills Specialist - Alison Parry, BA, M.Ed.
      • Divisional/Departmental Assistant - Carrie Whitworth, BCR
      • Accessibility Services Assistant -  Payvand Pejvack