• Dial 911 In Case of Emergency!

    Shelter in Place

    • If it unsafe to leave the Campus due to a Violent Intruder or a danger adjacent to the Campus which would make it dangerous to leave the Campus buildings. Shelter in place till all clear given.

      A shelter in Place directive may be initiated for the following reasons

      • Severe weather
      • Intruder on campus
      • Dangerous Animal
      • Police standoff
      • Toxic Spill

      Severe Weather

      • Close Windows, if safe
      • Close Doors
      • Do not go outside
      • Keep away from Glass i.e. Windows, Glass ceilings, etc
      • Keep well clear of treed areas

      Violent Intruder on Campus

      • Run if you can safely do so without drawing attention to yourself
      • Get yourself to Safety
      • Phone 911 when you are safe

      • Hide if you cannot safely exit
      • Choose a safe hiding place
      • Barricade the doors with whatever you can
      • Keep your cellphone on but turn down the volume
      • Be quiet

      • Fight if there is no alternative
      • Improvise weapons from nearby objects
      • Commit to an Attack
      • It’s a fight for your life

      Dangerous Animal

      • Make sure to stay inside
      • Get into interior area i.e. Offices
      • Keep doors closed

      Police Standoff / Situation (Off Campus)

      • Stay inside find a safe place to shelter with others
      • Do not leave
      • Wait till all clear is given by Authorities

      Toxic Spill / Discharge

      • Pick a room on the highest level of the structure, as most of the chemicals that are of concern are heavier than air and will settle in the basement.
      • Close all doors to the outside and close and lock all windows (windows sometimes seal better when locked.)
      • Seal any gaps around window type air-conditioners with tape and plastic sheeting, wax paper, or aluminum wrap.
      • Close as many internal doors as possible in the structure you are in.
      • Select a room in the building that is comfortable and easy to seal off. The room should, if possible, provide access to water, toilet facilities, and have adequate room for people and pets to sit.
      • If the vapor begins to bother you place a wet cloth over your nose and mouth. For a higher degree of protection, go into the bathroom, close the door and turn on the shower in a strong spray to "wash" the air. Seal any opening to the outside of the bathroom as best you can.


      Email  preparedness@capilanou.ca or call 604.986.1911 ext. 7464 (local 7464).