• Our Community

      Capilano University encourages, appreciates and actively promotes environmental sustainable behaviours amongst our students, staff, faculty, administration and the broader community. Check out our community garden!

      Capilano University is committed to:

      • Using educational activities to engage the University community and promote environmental awareness, local action, and global thinking.
      • Promoting an attitude of energy conservation and waste reduction, through employee awareness and engagement.
      • Preventing and reducing pollution from our activities
      • Reducing emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
      • Adhering to environmental laws
      • Setting objectives and reviewing performance to targets
      • Reporting annually on our performance
      • Communicating our performance both internally and externally

      Carbon Neutral Action Reporting (CNAR):

      Please click here to read our CNAR for 2016 and previous years.

      Zero Waste Stations

      We have implemented a Zero Waste initiative at Capilano U - Check out what we've introduced around campus!

      Cap U Works Student Organizers

      During the 2016/17 school year, the CapU Works team embraced 3 new student organizers (Tessa, Mara and Katelyn) who work on sustainability initiatives on campus. All three organizers are working together under the umbrella of Cap U Works and many of the campus projects will be better served by this broad base collective.  We are excited to be hiring four new student organizers for the 2017/18 school year.  Find our more information on their page!

      In addition to attending monthly EarthWorks/CapUWorks team meetings, these students act as catalysts who bring energy, support for the team, and the vision to challenge the program to evolve and increase behavioral change and action on campus. They seek to engage other students with the campus and external community. The organizers are also encouraged to network with environmental organizations, arts based organizations, performance artists, policy makers, and leaders and experts in sustainable change-making to bring a richness of views and opinions to the series. Over the course of the school year, this group will continue to plan and deliver events that educate and inspire.  Please check the Sustainability side of Your Daily Cap for the latest information and updates!

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