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Acting for Stage & Screen Diploma

  • Fall 2018 Auditions are scheduled for April 26, 27, 30 & May 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 2018. Please click "how to apply" for detailed information and support with your application. Audition details can be found "here". All 2018 applicants will be contacted. Stay tuned! 

    The Diploma in Acting for Stage and Screen provides three years of integrated training in acting for theatre, film and television. The goal is to provide each student with the skills necessary to begin a professional acting career in live theatre, television and film. The first year is comprehensive and introduces students to acting, improvisation, technical basics, history, and analysis for both the stage and screen. In the second and third years of the program students study directing and increasingly specialize in performance and professional skills. Upon graduation, students will have developed the actor's instrument of voice and body, learned text interpretation, and the scale of delivery for film, television and stage. Students will have performed in safe classroom environments, student produced theatre and film projects, and Theatre department productions. Students will have met with professionals for master classes and assessment, and will have developed audition material and a resume. This training will have prepared them to enter the industry. Many courses transfer to university and some students may choose to complete a university degree. 

    Moving from 1st to 2nd Year in the Acting for Stage and Screen Program

    There are two cohorts of first year students in the ASAS program, approximately 40 students in all.  Each cohort gets the same training and is expected to take part in all of the technical opportunities offered in first term, and to audition for parts in plays in second term as part of their ASAS 161 course. Evening rehearsals are a requirement in the second term of first year.

    Each student will get a Professional Behaviour (PB) report mid-term in both terms. These meetings are an opportunity for the faculty to discuss with the student how they are progressing and where improvement is needed. It is expected that the student will take these discussions seriously and work on the areas they are deficient in.

    Towards the end of second term there will be a re-audition session set up for all first years. At that time, they will prepare a monologue to show a panel of instructors. Those instructors will confer and decide who will go on to the second year. The students will be notified via letter. Those not asked to move on in ASAS will be advised to move into other areas, but encouraged to remain at CapU.

    Students will be selected to continue beyond first year of the program on evaluation of:

    • The students potential to succees as a professional performer
    • The students potential to succeed in the future course work of the program

    This will be determined by a department selection committee which will base it's decision on

    • Grade point average
    • An audition
    • Successful completion of all the prerequisite courses required for courses in the second year of the program
    • Professional behaviour reports

    Transfer Credit

    Please consult the online  B.C. Transfer Guide for the most recent transfer information. Students who complete the diploma can accumulate up to sixty credits towards their university degree. Students may have to audition for placement in other programs, and should consult with the specific institution regarding these requirements.

    Information for Prospective Students

    Students may apply in November for early acceptance to the programs and may book a February audition. Successful applicants will be guaranteed placement by February.
    Make an appointment with the School of Performing Arts office by March for an audition and interview to be held in May. Late applicants will be considered if space permits.

    Disclaimer: Capilano University reserves the right to make changes in the course offerings, requirements, charges, regulations, and procedures contained herein, subject to and consistent with established procedures and authorizations for making such changes.