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Women’s & Gender Studies

  • A Women's and Gender Studies program, consisting of a variety of university transfer credit, college credit and credit-free courses and events, has been developed at Capilano University. These courses are taught from perspectives and with methodologies developed within Women's Studies.

    Why Women’s and Gender Studies?

    Courses in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies will enable you to see the world, and your place in it, more completely. Women’s and Gender Studies is an experience that will inform you, challenge you, and connect you with others who are working to create a better world.

    What can Women’s and Gender Studies lead to?

    Today, students can specialize in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies or take courses to supplement other specializations, leading to further study and employment in many fields such as: Medicine, Nursing, Rehabilitation Sciences, Law, Human Rights, Labour Rights, Gender Equity, Business, Education, Social Studies, Languages, Philosophy, Social Work, Counselling, Sociological Research, Personnel Management, Politics, Policing, Information & Technology, Public Administration, Community Planning, Advocacy, Environmental Science, International Development, Travel, Film and Video, Performing Arts, Immigration Studies, Literature, Graphic Arts, Creative Writing, History and Journalism.

    Can men take Women’s and Gender Studies?

    Courses and programs are open to all. Women’s and Gender Studies provides a special space and focus for women’s knowledge and experience, and male students are welcome if they want to learn about women’s perspectives and are interested in questioning the way masculinity and femininity are constructed in our society.

    This information is an initiative of the BC Women’s Studies Articulation Committee, produced with support from the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer. For complete information on the transferability of courses between institutions within BC, visit the BC Transfer Guide at http://bctransferguide.ca.