Maintaining safe learning spaces is important for the health and safety of students and employees who are on-campus.


A set number people will be permitted in classrooms at any given time. The room capacity is determined by the size of the classroom, the occupancy load of the building, the time of day, and the ability of maintaining physical distancing.

  • Personal physical distancing of at least two (2) meters will be maintained at all times between persons in the classrooms;
  • Entry to classrooms should be through a designated door;
  • Hands should be sanitized at hand sanitizing station by door before entering;
  • Learning areas will be sanitized at end of each class day;
  • Physical distancing of students with spacing between work and activity areas and clear markings or assignment of designated work and activity areas with identifying signs if appropriate; and
  • Students will not enter the work and activity area of another student.

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