Preventing the spread of COVID-19 on campus

Most instruction and support services continue to be delivered online. At the same time, CapU is taking the following steps to promote health and safety for limited on-campus activities:

  • physical distancing barriers
  • wellness checks for employees, students and visitors
  • occupancy limits for all spaces on campus
  • reconfiguring or removing furniture to meet physical distancing requirements
  • increased handwashing facilities, supplies and personal protective equipment guidelines for use, where necessary
  • training for the new campus work and learning environment for both students and employees

Safety Plans, Policies and Guidelines

University Plans

Sports and Athletics Plans

Safe Work Practice Policies for COVID-19

Provincial Guidelines

Safe Classroom Spaces

Making classrooms and other educational spaces safe for students and employees is a key priority in preparation for increased on-campus activity. Read more about our steps and policy for making safe classroom spaces on our campuses.

Safe Workspaces

Having safe workspaces is important for the health and safety of employees on-campus. Employees should familiarize themselves with the Safe Workspaces policy and procedures.

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