The Science behind Climate Change

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Sheila Ross leads this Capilano Universe free public lecture.

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Location: North Vancouver District Public Library Parkgate Branch

The Science behind Climate Change;

For the last 250 years, human activities have been inadvertently impacting Earth’s climate. It is now estimated that these activities have caused Earth to warm approximately 1°C over pre-industrial levels. Climate scientists predict that if we allow Earth to warm another degree, or even another half a degree, there are very likely to be dangerous consequences including rising sea levels, decreasing Arctic sea ice, a complete loss of coral reefs and extreme weather. Science allows us to make predictions about the timing and magnitude of such effects, but more importantly, our understanding of the science behind climate change allows us to appreciate the urgency with which we must act to prevent further warming. 

Sheila Ross has been teaching physical geography at Capilano University for more than 30 years. The courses she teaches are about our natural surroundings and the forces that shape them. She wrote the textbook Weather and Climate: an Introduction, which was published by Oxford University Press and appeared in its second edition in March 2017.


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