Completing your application for REB approval

A complete application includes:

  • The application form with all questions answered;
  • For projects involving student researchers, copies of certificates of completion for the Course on Research Ethics; and
  • Appendices such as participant recruitment instruments (e.g. posters, scripts and emails), consent forms, interview questions/scripts, focus group scripts and online survey URLs, etc.

The application form will be screened, and incomplete or incoherent applications will be returned to the applicant with a request for more information.

A level of review assessment of the application will be conducted to determine if the review is deemed minimal risk or above minimal risk. Research involving a higher degree of risk and vulnerability are reviewed at a monthly REB meeting. Research involving a lower degree of risk and vulnerability are reviewed on an ongoing basis by a subcommittee of the REB.

Approval will be conveyed to the Principal Investigator. Once approved, the application becomes the ethical protocol with which the research must adhere.

Primary Investigators are required to report to the REB any and all significant unanticipated issues that arise with the research.


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