Criteria for delegation of approval for student research

A proposal for student research will be considered for a delegated review if it meets the following criteria:

  • The scope of research activity is clearly defined in the course outline (a copy of the course outline must be submitted).
  • All student research for the assignment must be minimal risk. Otherwise, it will need full board review.
  • Instructors hold primary responsibility for the research and for the students' adherence to the ethical standards of the Capilano University Research Ethics Policy and TCPS.
  • The instructor and students have completed and submitted the TCPS tutorial certificate to the REB.
  • The course assignment has been submitted and approved by the REB.
    • The course assignment description includes a general description of the type of research activities in the course.
    • The course assignment includes a general description of how the student's research activity will be monitored by the instructor.
    • If there are substantial changes to the course assignment it must be re-submitted.
    • The student researcher(s) have submitted a research proposal to the instructor for review and ethics approval. The research proposal will include a general description of the student's research activity, how participants will be recruited, and how informed consent will be obtained.
  • Once approved, the student's research will conform to the proposal. The instructor will retain the research proposal.