Student research for course assignments or for Capstone projects

If the student research is "minimal risk" (see TCPS definition of risk), the REB may delegate the review of undergraduate student research for course assignments to a department or to designated faculty members in the department, with agreement between the department and the REB (TCPS, Article 6.12). An agreement with appropriate procedure must be in place between the REB and the faculty in order for this to occur.

For student research to be considered minimal risk, any possible harms from participating in the research are "no greater than those encountered by participants in those aspects of their everyday life that relate to the research" (TCPS, 2014).

As an alternative, the department could request REB review and approval for course based research, and once approved, the course would be designated as a "Research Ethics Approved Course." See the Capilano University's Research Ethics Policy Research with Human Subjects (S2002-01 D.8) to review the criteria for such course approval.

Course-Based Research Requirements Involving Humans