1. Research that relies exclusively on publicly available information
    Research that relies exclusively on publicly available information does not require REB review when:
    1. The information is legally accessible to the public and appropriately protected by law;
    2. The information is publicly accessible and there is no reasonable expectation of privacy (TCPS 2018, Article 2.3);
    3. Research involves the observation of people in public places in situations where:
      1. there is no intervention staged by the researcher, or any direct interaction with the individuals or groups;
      2. individuals or groups targeted for observation have no reasonable expectation of privacy;
      3. specific individuals cannot be identified when research results are disseminated (TCPS 2018, Article 2.3).
  2. Non-research activities

    "Quality assurance and quality improvement studies, program evaluation activities, and performance reviews, or testing within normal educational requirements when used exclusively for assessment, management or improvement purposes, do not constitute research..., and do not fall within the scope of REB review" (TCPS, 2018, Article 2.5).

    "Creative practice activities, in and of themselves, do not require REB review. However, research that employs creative practice to obtain responses from participants that will be analyzed to answer a research question is subject to REB review" (TCPS, 2018, Article 2.6).

    Activities intended solely of pedagogical purposes are not research as defined by the TCPS and therefore are not subject to REB review.

    Note that all personnel associated Capilano University engaging in research activities are required to adhere to applicable guidance provided by the TCPS regardless of whether their activities are exempt from REB review (see interpretations of the Tri-Council Panel on Research Ethics).       


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