Appointed Member - Board of Governors

Lois Vader tem skwish, a la tuwanq, a la Lax Kw’alaams. My father was Chief Henry Paull of the shíshálh Nation, my mother was Ruby Paull (nee Spencer) from Lax K’walaams, B.C.

My background is in the health field, having completed nursing training at Fanshawe College in Ontario and serving the shíshálh Nation in the capacity of Community Health Representative for many years. More recently, I have undertaken obtaining my Education Degree from UBC in the NITEP Program.

Family is very important to me, in whatever context you put it in. A university campus is an especially important one, and one that First Nation students should feel welcomed and supported in.

I’m so happy to see Indigenous students actively enrolled in these institutions, as it wasn’t too long in our recent past that it would have been a foregone conclusion. Let’s right a wrong and rectify colonialism with the 94 calls to action as outlined by Senator Murray Sinclair of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission.

Let First Nations take their rightful place in society in whatever discipline they choose, not one mandated upon them. ?úl-nú-msh-chálap ne s-yíyaya.