Appointed Member – Board of Governors

Shelley Joseph, Hekwa’gila’ogwa, comes from the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation and has a lifetime of cultural exposure. Being immersed in the lessons and traditional ways of being have shaped who she is.

After more than 9 years of working with her family at Reconciliation Canada as the Community Engagement Lead and Public Outreach Lead, Shelley has started her own business to deepen the reconciliation experience for people. 

At Ladders To Kindness Training, Shelley delivers trainings for Lateral Kindness, Cultural Safety and Reconciliation.  Shelley prides herself in holding safe space for people and believes that is where we can all connect to our values and build meaningful relationships.

She is also currently a member of the Indigenous Advisory Council for the City of Vancouver as well as being the president of the board of directors for The Circle Of Eagles Lodge Society.

Shelley is dedicated to learning and leading by example and through her values.