Associate Vice President - Student Success

Cyndi Banks

Cyndi Banks comes to us from Northern Arizona University, where she has served as dean, associate dean, associate vice-provost and as a professor of criminology. She brings to Cap a wealth of expertise in career development, gateway programs to student success, undergraduate research programs and experiential learning.

"Student success work is most impactful when it is focused on providing the support students need to achieve their educational goals," says Banks. "It takes a campus community to do this well. When faculty and staff work collaboratively to help students persist with their education and to develop a strong sense of belonging toward their discipline and their institution, students will achieve their best academically while positively contributing to their communities. I very much look forward to joining the faculty and staff at Capilano University in this important work."

After earning her bachelor's degree in criminology from Simon Fraser University (SFU), Cyndi went on to complete her master's degree in criminology, also at SFU, before earning her doctorate in criminology from the University of Cambridge.

Cyndi Banks is the author of eight books, including Criminal Justice Ethics: Theory and Practice, now in its 4th edition, and is an esteemed writer of situational assessments and training materials in children's rights issues for police, judges and juvenile justice professionals.