Both new and returning international students can apply for some scholarships and awards to help pay for their education.

Step 1. Search the online awards guide

Use our online awards guide to find a full list of the scholarships, bursaries, and awards offered through Capilano University each term.

Awards are available for both new and returning students. Select the "International Students" filter in the award category field to find the ones you may be eligible for. 

Note the application deadlines and requirements for each award. 

  • Athletic Entrance Awards
  • Capilano Excellence Scholarships (CAPX)
  • Capilano University Graduate Program Entrance Awards
  • International Students Entrance Awards

Step 2. Apply online

You apply for many awards and scholarships through your myCapU account. Follow the steps to apply as a new student or a returning or continuing student.

Step 3. Explore external awards, scholarships, loans and other aid

External awards are offered by organizations and associations outside of Capilano University. While each award is different, some are open to international students.

Check out CapU’s information on External Awards, and be sure to view the Canadian government’s page on scholarships for international students.

Student loans

Loans and grants offered by the Canadian or provincial governments are only available to Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, and Landed Immigrants.

If there is a student loan provider in your home country, contact them directly for information about the loan options that may be available to you.

US direct loans

Capilano University has deferment-only status with the US Direct Loan program. Students with previous US federal student loans may be eligible to retain their interest-free status or defer loan payments while studying at CapU. Ask your loan provider for the deferment request form and submit it to Financial Aid and Awards for processing for each term. Your form will be processed within five business days and forwarded to your loan provider.

Capilano University is not designated by the US Department of Education as an eligible foreign school to receive Title IV funding. For this reason we can’t process Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) applications for new loans under the William D. Ford Direct Loan program.

Private student loans

CapU’s Financial Aid and Awards office supports the administration of private loan certification for US students (SallieMae Loans). Contact us for more details.

Emergency aid

If you have an unexpected financial emergency, you may be able to access emergency financial aid. See Emergency Funding

US Department of Veterans Affairs

If you want to receive Veterans Affairs benefits while studying at Capilano University, contact Financial Aid and Awards for more information. The Department of Veterans Affairs has to approve your program of study before you start at CapU for you to receive benefits. This process can take about eight weeks.

Other assistance

Visit the International Students pages for information about additional services and resources available to you at Capilano University.