Ever thought about working, studying and travelling, all at the same time?

The University of California, Riverside, in partnership with CapU, offers academic coursework as well as supervised paid training at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida.

Who can participate?

This exciting program is open to CapU students who are studying in the Bachelor of Tourism Management, Tourism Management Coop Diploma and Bachelor of Business Administration.

You will meet the minimum eligibility criteria if you:

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.67 and are in good academic standing;
  • Are enrolled as a full-time student (9 credits) at CapU;
  • Have completed 24 credits before departure;
  • Plan to return for at least one major term (fall or spring) as a full-time student;
  • Must be 19 years old or older before departure; and
  • Have a passport that’s valid for international travel six months past your return date.

What's included in the program?

The program includes four required components:

  1. An intensive two-week course delivered at the University of California, Riverside;
  2. A course delivered through the Walt Disney World Resort which students select from a range of eight options;
  3. A course delivered online by the University of California, Riverside, during the training at the Walt Disney World Resort; and
  4. Credit transfers toward your CapU diploma or degree in Tourism Management.

Application Deadline: To be Announced

Step 1: CapU Exchange Application

Follow the full-term exchange application steps.

Step 2: CapU interview

Upon receiving your complete application with all requirements met, you will be invited for an interview by a CapU’s selection committee.

Step 3: Letter of Nomination Acceptance and J-1 Program Application Form

If you are a selected candidate by CapU, you will receive a Letter of Nomination Acceptance and J-1 Program Application Form by email. In order to accept your nomination offer, you will be invited to submit:

  1. Study abroad fee of $375 (non-refundable);
  2. J-1 Program Application Form (completed), which you will receive alongside your Letter of Nomination Acceptance; and
  3. Signed Letter of Nomination Acceptance.

Please note that acceptance by CapU is only the first step in this process and, as such, does not guarantee your acceptance by UCR to the Disney International Program.

Step 4: Disney interview

If you are a selected candidate by Disney, you will be invited for an interview by a Disney and UCR selection committee. This is also your opportunity to ask more questions about the program.

Prior to the Disney interview, you may be asked by Disney and UCR representatives to bring additional documents.

Step 5: Disney/UCR Acceptance Package

If you are a selected candidate after the Disney interview, you will receive a Disney/UCR Acceptance Package, which you will be required to complete by a specific deadline.


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