Teams of scientists, researchers, and innovators across the disciplines and various sectors are working together to solve the twenty-first century’s grand challenges. Whether tackling declining biodiversity or building sustainable cities, the solutions to these problems require teams of specialists across multiple fields of expertise working together. Taking a localized approach to grand challenges, this project-based course will explore and propose solutions to topical regional issues - i.e. affordable housing, green transportation, food security, and resource development - from an interdisciplinary perspective.


45 credits of 100-level or higher coursework including one of the following research methods courses: ABA 312, CMNS 260, 262, DSGN 325, 326, EDUC 373, 473, LAW 210, LBST 200, 201, 330, PSYC 213 or TOUR 327

Course Outlines

Effective Term
PDF Acrobat Adobe Reader Fall 2015 onwards