BA, M.Ed.



M.Ed., 21st Century Leadership and Learning, University of Prince Edward Island, 2017.

BSN, Athabasca University, Alberta, 2013-present.

BA, General Studies, Athabasca University, Alberta, 2017.

Certified Dementia Practitioner, National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners, San Diego, California, 2015.

Provincial Instructor Diploma, Vancouver Community College, 2013.

"I want the Health Care Assistant students to feel connected to their peers, their clients and with the local and global communities. Working in health care is challenging, rewarding... life changing."


Daina Moore (M.Ed., University of Prince Edward Island, 2017) is a regular faculty member in the Health Care Assistant Program whose main focus is communication, collaboration and understanding health and healing in the context of the 21st century health care system. With a background in complex care, assisted living, group homes and home support, Moore brings in knowledge from various parts of the health care industry. Working alongside the practicum partners allows for rich classroom discussions about current health care trends, as well as ones of the past. The goal is to provide students with the insight needed to understand and navigate through the present realities with confidence, ease and with a collaborative focus.

After working as both a Health Care and Licensed Practical Nurse, Moore decided to purse a Bachelor of Nursing degree from Athabasca University. Prior to entering the health care arena, she lived and taught in Nagoya, Japan for several years and taught English as a Foreign/Second Language to all levels and ages of students. Recognizing the needs of international students and ESL students is a top priority for Moore. Love for languages, travel and discovery of culture best define her and she was pleased to be selected as the Aichi Gakusen University Exchange Faculty Member in 2018. She visited the Aichi Gakusen University in Okazaki Japan, as well as several long-term care facilities and dementia care facilities within Japan.

Moore is a member of the International Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL), which promotes research and best practice for clinical health care simulation and education. Providing Health Care Assistant (HCA) students with the most current pedagogical approaches to health care education, understanding Truth and Reconciliation as related to peoples' experience with health care, and considering future research directly related to the HCA field are her key priorities.

p>Having worked in the role of a Health Care Assistant (HCA), I understand first-hand the realities of the role. HCA's are an integral part of our current skill mix in health care. Students coming into our program are excited and curious about health care, and realize their role is much needed.

Critical thinking, application of evidence based practice, ethical awareness and using the most current procedures are certainly qualities our graduates leave with. Our learners are passionate about entering the caregiving field. There is also sensitivity and compassion entwined in our classroom and teaching practices. In fact, the essence word I would use to describe our students, and our program, is "caring".

Currently, I am starting the process of really examining the current trends of care provision in the Lower Mainland.

My research interests focus on how labour shortages in health care may lead frontline care providers to adapt or modify the care they provide to their clients. I would like to share my research findings with the leadership in residential care, or home care environments, so that they can understand how care providers adapt to situations where time, resources and staffing are challenged. Mixed methods research is my method of choice and I am very excited to engage in research that involves Health Care Assistants, as a way to promote and show respect for their contributions in health care.

Moore, Daina. Five Fast Fixes for the Novice Simulation Technician. INACSL: International Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning, 2013.