TESL Cert., BA, MA

Inst., English for Academic Purposes
School of Access & Academic Preparation
English for Academic Purposes
Faculty of Education
Health & Human Development

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Birch Building, room BR358


TESL Certificate, Professional Standard Three (Permanent), TESL Canada Federation, Calgary, 2015.

MA, Applied Linguistics, University of Newcastle, 2013.

TESOL Certificate, OnTESOL, Toronto, 2009.

BA, English, Rhetoric and Professional Writing Program, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, 2008.


Matthew Michaud (MA, Newcastle, 2013) is an instructor in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) department. His main research interests include communicative competencies, corrective feedback in academic writing, intercultural communication and indigenous studies.

Michaud is involved in the following committee work at Capilano University: EAP 100 Assessment Planning, Community Engagement, Nicholas J. Collins; Frances and Anne Farnan Memorial Award; Jim Cooke Award Selection Scholarships, Private Pathways Committee, and the Indigenizing the Academy Committee.

Since joining the EAP department, I have had the enjoyment of teaching various skills and levels. I tend to teach reading, grammar, writing and speaking courses, in addition to listening and grammar.

I truly enjoy teaching speaking classes as it is gratifying to see student improvement week by week. I also like teaching reading classes, as I can introduce interesting topics to students. Such topics may include Indigenous literature, Canadian history, Japanese culture and environmental sustainability.

In Progress

Perks, B. & Michaud, M., Corrective feedback in Essay Writing Performance.

Itoi, K. & Michaud, M., Translanguaging for a Better Future of English Education in Japan.


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